Cai River

Nha Trang is one of the tourist cities that attract both domestic and foreign tourists. Mention about this area, people often refer to the beautiful beach, islands, exotic bays with many typical and rare ecosystems of tropical weather. Besides the sea and islands, visitors can also explore the beautiful scenery of Nha Trang by the Cai River.v

Cai River, also known as Phu Loc or Cu river, has a length of about 79km, originating from the Chu-Tgo peak of 1,475m high. This river is the main source of water for agriculture, tourism, and domestic activities of Khanh Hoa city.

Cai river

Cai river

The river side has quiet and peaceful villages with old houses covered by green moss and bamboo groves. In the cool breeze, visitors can smell the faint aroma of rice and areca flowers in full bloom. Tourists can visit the Cai river by boat, the boat will stop by the small island in the middle of the river for you to enjoy fresh coconut water. Garden owners also allow you to pick the plums, mangoes, guavas, and ripe oranges on the tree.

Tourist Can Try Kayaking In Cai River

Tourist can kayak in the Cai river

In the journey to explore the Cai River, visitors also take a horse cart to visit the riverside craft villages such as Lu Cam pottery village, that has more than a hundred years of age, mat weaving village in Ngoc Hoi village, etc. After visiting the beautiful scenery on the Cai river, you can take the boat to return to enjoy the splendid sunset on this river. In the quiet afternoon, the sunset will appear in a strange and very peaceful beauty.

At Cai River, you will feel the peace, familiarity with the jars, fishing sticks, small boats, or wooden bridges connecting the rustic, pristine banks, etc. It seems that the busy and modern coastal city of Nha Trang has backed far away.

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