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Everything You Should Know about Calypso Cabaret Show

May 14, 2024 - 3452 views

Besides the stunning natural and cultural destinations, when coming to Thailand, there is a famous show that you should never miss: The Calypso Cabaret in Bangkok.

If you are seeking a way to enjoy your night in Thailand, there are many shows prepared professionally, aiming at attracting tourists. Calypso Cabaret Show is such a unique theatrical show that you should never dismiss.

Calypso Cabaret Show introduction

That would be a mistake if you visit Bangkok without enjoying the Calypso Cabaret, an extremely famous theatrical show. Calypso Cabaret Show is held every night at Asiatique The Riverfront. This show, with the participation of the most vivacious transgender artists, has been organizing for nearly 30 years and until now, it still keeps much attraction of tourists, especially the international ones. In the show, the performers – the ladyboys, who are popular in Thailand – will dress up in exquisite costumes and perform classic songs.

Calypso Cabaret Show

Calypso Cabaret Show – an extremely famous theatrical show

If we have to choose four adjectives that best describe the show, they will be lively, exciting, humor-filled, and professional. After watching the show, in some ways, you can feel something familiar to Vegas’s showgirl and Broadway musicals. This is how the Calypso Cabaret was inspired. Sometimes, the show also features performances that are inspired by rock & roll and pop icons like Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce.

Not only being inspired by the pop and rock & rock culture, but the Calypso Cabaret also is inspired and features English show tunes, Chinese love songs, Korean pop, and traditional Japanese music. All transgender performers have put their efforts into the show to bring the most memorable experiences to their audiences. If you notice, they always put something new in each different show. And it is their effort that keeps audiences loving their show and brings the show’s popularity to a higher level.

Calypso Cabaret Show dance

Calypso Cabaret Show has the inspiration from Rock n Roll music

Thailand has been well known for the transgender culture and transgender community. Therefore, there is no doubt that the ladyboys (the transgender men) have made waves in the entertainment industry. However, when it comes to a show that the transgender artists can express themselves and their talents, it must be the Calypso Cabaret show.

Place to see Calypso Cabaret Show

The Calypso Cabaret show is held every night in Warehouse 3, which is near the Asiatiques’s town square. The auditorium is large enough for up to 500 audiences per night. There is a break between the performances, which lasts for 15 minutes. Coming here, you will be amazed by how energetic the performers are because they can dance their way through 2 shows a night with only one break.

The show is organized daily from 7:30 pm to 8:40 pm & from 9:00 pm to 10:10 pm. The time between is for a break.

Calypso Cabaret Show theatre location

Calypso Cabaret show is held every night in Warehouse 3, which is near the Asiatiques’s town square

Calypso Cabaret Show Ticketing Fees

Tickets to the Calypso Cabaret are sold at the price of 1,200 baths at Asiatique Riverside Theater. However, if you come here on a tour, you should buy a ticket from tour agents, which is normally cheaper. This way, you can save up to 300 bath. Another tip is that you should book your ticket at least one day in advance so as not to miss any unique performance. Besides, for the best experience, you should go early to get a good seat.

Calypso Cabaret Show

 Calypso Cabaret Show is a perfect way to end your day in Bangkok

It is not exaggerated to say that the Calypso Cabaret show is a perfect way to end your day in Bangkok. It is colorful, energetic, professional, and more than that, it is the extra efforts of the transgender artists. Go to Bangkok and enjoy the show, we are sure that it is worth your money and your time.

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