Bai Cha - Cambodian Fried Rice

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Cambodian cuisine is known for its unique flavors and diverse dishes and one dish that stands out is Bai Cha, Cambodia Fried Rice. This delectable and aromatic fried rice is a staple in Cambodian cuisine and is loved by locals and visitors alike. In this article, we will explore the origins of Bai Cha Cambodia Fried Rice, its ingredients, preparation, and popular places to enjoy this mouthwatering dish.

Bai Cha Cambodia Fried Rice

Facts About Bai Cha

Bai Cha Cambodia Fried Rice has become an integral part of Cambodian culture, often featured in family gatherings, street food stalls, and local restaurants. Here are some interesting facts about it:

  • It is a versatile dish that can be customized to suit individual preferences with different proteins and additional ingredients.
  • Bai Cha has been influenced by neighboring cuisines such as Thai and Vietnamese.
  • It is relatively easy to prepare, making it accessible for home cooks.
  • It is not only a delicious meal but also a symbol of togetherness and sharing.
  • This fried rice is often served with lime wedges, cucumber slices, and fresh herbs like cilantro or Thai basil.


Main Ingredients Of Bai Cha

The key ingredients in Bai Cha Cambodia Fried Rice include:

  • Jasmine Rice: Fragrant and fluffy jasmine rice is the foundation of this dish.
  • Protein: Common protein choices include shrimp, chicken, or tofu, depending on personal preference.
  • Eggs: Beaten eggs are mixed with the rice to add richness and texture.
  • Vegetables: Various vegetables like carrots, peas, corn, and scallions are added for color and crunch.
  • Aromatics and Seasonings: Garlic, shallots, soy sauce, fish sauce, and white pepper are used to infuse the dish with flavor.
  • Accompaniments: Lime wedges, cucumber slices, and fresh herbs like cilantro or Thai basil are commonly served alongside.

Bai Cha Ingredients

Bai Cha Ingredients

How To Cook Cambodia Fried Rice

Let’s follow the below steps to have a delicious Bai Cha dish.

  1. Cook the jasmine rice according to package instructions and set it aside.
  2. In a large wok or frying pan, heat oil over medium heat and add minced garlic and shallots. Sauté until fragrant.
  3. Add the protein you choose (shrimp, chicken, or tofu) and cook until cooked through.
  4. Push the protein to one side of the pan and add the beaten eggs to the other side. Scramble the eggs until they are fully cooked.
  5. Add the cooked rice to the pan and stir-fry everything together, ensuring the rice is well coated with the flavors from the protein and eggs.
  6. Add the vegetables and continue stir-frying until they are cooked but still retain their crunch.
  7. Season the fried rice with soy sauce, fish sauce, and white pepper, adjusting the quantities to taste.
  8. Remove the pan from heat and garnish the fried rice with chopped scallions.
  9. Serve the Bai Cha Cambodia Fried Rice hot, accompanied by lime wedges, cucumber slices, and fresh herbs.

How To Cook Bai Cha

How To Cook Bai Cha

  • Use cold-cooked rice to achieve the perfect texture and prevent the rice from becoming mushy.
  • Bai Cha is typically cooked over high heat so make sure your wok or pan is hot before adding the ingredients.
  • It's a good idea to have the cooked proteins before adding the other ingredients.
  • Keep stirring and tossing the rice continuously to prevent it from sticking to the pan.
  • Free to be creative and adjust the recipe to suit your preferences.

Good Places To Eat Bai Cha

Bai Cha is a popular street food dish in Cambodia. It can be found at local food stalls and markets, where it is cooked fresh and served hot. It's a go-to option for a quick, flavorful, and affordable meal. 

Various Types Of Bai Cha

Various Types Of Bai Cha

Here are some recommended places to try the best Bai Cha. 

Khmer Surin Restaurant 

  • Address: 8e0, Street St 57, Phnom Penh
  • Opening hours: 07:00 - 22:00
  • Price range: From US $5
  • Phone number: +855 12 887 320

Yi Sang Restaurant-Riverside

  • Address: Preah Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh
  • Opening hours: 06:00 - 22:00
  • Price range: From US $5
  • Phone number: +855 16 320 808

The Street Cambodia TK branch

  • Address: 55-61 Street 313, Phnom Penh 55-61, 12152 Street 313, Phnom Penh
  • Opening hours: 11:00 - 22:00
  • Price range: 
  • Phone number: +855 15 226 566

Kuang Seafood Cambodia

  • Address: Samdach Louis Em St. (282), Phnom Penh
  • Opening hours: 11:00 - 22:00
  • Price range: From US $6
  • Phone number: +855 23 230 599

Eleven One Kitchen - BKK1

  • Address: 20 St 334, Phnom Penh
  • Opening hours: 07:00 - 21:30
  • Price range: From US $4
  • Phone number: +855 86 516 111 


Cambodia Fried Rice is a beloved dish that showcases the rich culinary heritage of Cambodia. With its aromatic flavors, colorful presentation, and cultural significance, it has captured the hearts and palates of locals and tourists alike. 

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