Can Cau Market

On Si Ma Cai (Can Cau commune, Si Ma Cai district, Lao Cai province), there has existed a unique fair market held only on Saturday every week - Can Cau market for a long time. Every Saturday as usual, people from the ethnic minorities in the highland go to the market. Can Cau market has become a unique and indispensable cultural feature of ethnic minorities in Si Ma Cai border area.

In the early morning, when the mountain and sky are still covered by fog, many people go to Can Cau market. Local people often ride horses, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. to bring goods, but most are still walking. In the majestic of the mountain, the silver-gray color of the fog and the colorful brocade colors on the skirts of ethnic women making the way to Can Cau market extremely vivid.

Can Cau market

Can Cau Market

At 7 am, Can Cau market was crowded with colorful dresses and many types of goods. The market space is divided into many areas, brocade-selling area, fruit-selling area, agricultural products, tools and livestock for production, traditional medicine, pharmaceuticals, wine, food and beverage areas, and specialized trading areas and buffaloes are brought by the highland people to exchange and buy at the market. Each area has a unique feature but the noisiest area is the dining area. Each restaurant sells simple food such as: “Thang Co”, noodles, soup, porridge, there are shops only sell boiled pork and wine. The men gathered around the pan of “Thang Co” with bowls of corn wine and chatting. The most outstanding is still the brocade area. Brocade items here always attract the attention of women because of their beauty and colorful colors. Traditional clothes and brocade are the items that makeup Can Cau market's characteristics.

Buffalo Trading Area

Buffalo Trading Area

Coming to Can Cau market, tourists will have unforgettable memories about the special features of the traditional market culture of ethnic minorities in the border highland areas of Vietnam.

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