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Coming to Cao Son market, visitors will have the opportunity to exchange, chat, and learn more about the daily life of ethnic minorities living in the four largest villages of Muong Khuong district.


Cao Son Market is located in Cao Son commune, Muong Khuong district, Lao Cai province, about 80km from Lao Cai city. To get to Cao Son market, visitors can follow many routes. However, if you want to have the opportunity to float on the river and immerse yourself in the charming natural scenery, visitors can join the tourist route on the Chay river. Cao Son Market is a market of the Mong, Phu La, Dao, and Black Han ethnic groups living in the four largest villages in Muong Khuong district. The market is only held once a week on Wednesday.

Locals Often Go To In A Group cao son

Locals Often Go To In A Group

When entering Cao Son market, early in the morning, you can see the market is full of many locals coming from different villages. They go in groups, in pairs and sometimes one by one. Some people carry goods by themself, using horses to pack goods or come to the market by motorbikes, bicycles, etc.
Also like some other highland markets, Cao Son market is divided into several zones. The local goods such as vegetables, herbs, shiitakes, mushrooms, honey, corn wine, upland rice, household items, jewelry, etc. are concentrated in one area, arranged according to each type of item.

 Colorful Scene Of Highland Market cao son

A colorful scene of the highland market

In many colorful stalls, the highlight is the display of brocade items with vivid colors and vivid style. Coming here, tourists will be easily attracted by the charming flavor of ethnic cuisine such as the aroma of the “Thang Co” made of buffalo meat, horse meat, and beef, etc., the slightly spicy aroma of some ethnic wines such as corn wine Coc Dam, Coc Ngu.

Coming to Cao Son market, visitors have a chance to enjoy the beauty of ethnic group cultural identities living in some villages on both sides of Chay river, Muong Khuong district.

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