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Co To Island

Co To is a beautiful island, one of the most popular destinations in Quang Ninh other than the world-famous Halong Bay. This island attracts thousands of tourists every year for its pristine landscape, friendly locals, variety of fun activities, and unspoiled beaches. While coming to visit Halong Bay, it is also a good idea to drop by Co To Island for a more memorable holiday.

Co To consists of 50 small and large islands in Co To Town, Quang Ninh province. Many visitors come from Hanoi to visit Co To, so generally, there are two main steps: Getting to Cai Rong port and transferring via boat to Co To Island.

Getting to Cai Rong Port

The distance between Cai Rong Port in Van Don, Quang Ninh is about 202 kilometers via the Hanoi - Halong Highway and National Road 18. If you are going by taxi or private car, this route will take less than 3 hours.

Another common way to get to Cai Rong Port is by taking the bus from My Dinh or Luong Yen bus terminal. Ticket prices range from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND but note that this journey will not take you directly to Cai Rong Port. You will have to take a taxi or walk to Cai Rong Port, depending on your arrival point.

Going by boat to Co To Island

Boats run daily from Cai Rong Port to Co To island during certain times of the day. Below, you can find detailed information to choose the best option.


Speedboat to Co To Island

Wooden boat to Co To Island

Duration 90 minutes 2.5 hours or more
Frequency 3 times a day 2 times a day (7 AM and 1 PM)
Price 250,000 VND per person 95.000 VND to 110.000 VND per person
Features There are several boat providers with different departure times, so make sure to contact them in advance and arrive on time for your ride. This option is for those on a budget and would like to enjoy the seascape. The wooden boat is considerably slower, so it is recommended for tourists with some extra time.


In general, the speedboat is more common among visitors. There are different companies to choose from regardless of your boat choice.

Beautiful Co To Island

Beautiful Co To Island


Where to stay

Like other tourist destinations, there are a variety of accommodation options for each kind of traveler. You can find homestays that stay close to nature, resorts, and budget hotels on the island.


Things to do

As a developed tourism area, visitors have many options to choose from, like lounging on the picturesque beach, explore off-the-beaten-track romantic cycling paths, participate in beach activities and visit historical sites. When the night falls, you can continue your holiday activities by trying squid fishing with locals.

  • Cau My Rocks: about 3 kilometres from the town center, is a must-visit attraction spot in Co To. This destination has got incomparable romantic landscapes, with unique cliffs providing a view over the magnificent beach. The rocky cliffs are a prominent feature of Cau My, with protruding rocks of interesting shapes. Watching the sunrise and sunset in this area is a memorable experience.

Cau My Rock

Cau My Rocks

  • Co To Lighthouse: is known as the lighthouse with the most beautiful view in Vietnam. This highest viewing point offers a breathtaking view of the sky, dreamy sea town, greenery of the forests, and clear blue water in Co To. The mountain path leading up to Co To Lighthouse is also rewarding and perfect for active travelers.
  • Hong Van Beach: an ideal destination for beach lovers. Located 7 kilometers away from Co To Town, Hong Van Beach is perfect for weekend getaways lounging in the sun and strolling along the coast to enjoy the tranquillity of nature. Having a romantic dinner while observing the magnificent sight of the sunset would be an unforgettable experience.

Hong Van Beach

Hong Van Beach

  • Van Chay Beach: another cannot-miss destination in Co To Island. The distance between Van Chay Beach and Co To Town is 6 kilometers. You can enjoy the peaceful surroundings along the road, with flourishing vegetation and mountainous sights. Coming to Van Chay, tourists are rewarded with one of the most beautiful and tranquil beaches in Quang Ninh, whose beauty is described as magnificent like a dream. With ideal sea conditions, tourists can enjoy a variety of beach activities in Van Chay.

Van Chai Beach

Van Chai Beach

  • Small Co To Island: Only 1 kilometer away from Co To Island, boasts unbelievable charm that attracts more and more visitors. This hidden gem has retained its pristine beauty as there are not many tourism activities here. Tourists can admire natural landscapes with rustic beauty, clear blue water, white sand. These prominent features make Small Co To extremely photogenic. You have to go by boat from the Co To Island to reach Small Co To, but the journey will be worth it.


Food and restaurants

As a beach destination, seafood is a must-try in Co To. Enjoy a variety of local dishes made by different seafood kinds in the restaurants. One thing to keep in mind is to visit a reliable restaurant and ask for the dish's price in advance to avoid any overpriced charges for tourists.


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