Cong Do Area

Located in Halong Bay - the World Natural Heritage area, Cong Do Island is a famous tourist attraction that preserves the pristine beauty of nature. The beautiful scenery will give the tourist a lot of interesting experiences on their Ha Long Bay tour.

This outdoor geological museum has been preserved for 340 million years and the most outstanding area is a regional park with mountains formed from limestone.

cong do island

Climbing in Cong Do island

Cong Do Island is on the southeastern Halong Bay, about 25 kilometers from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. It's included in the core area of Halong Bay, which is recognized as the World Natural Heritage Site.

Cong Do Island covers an area of 23.36 square kilometers. The island features a 172-meter hill that is covered by an evergreen tropical forest. Here, a lot of coral reefs are concentrated, with underground lakes inside the limestone mountain and underwater caves. It is also an area of many large beaches, Tra Gioi, Cay Bang, and Cat Oan, with smooth, white sand and clear, blue water.

cong do lake

Cong Do lake

The largest lake is Cong Do lake, located on the mountains, you must join in an adventure journey going over the rocky cliffs and forest to reach there. This lake is about 5 hectares wide, never affected by human hands before. The water is clear because the lake is connected with the sea and surrounded by forests with many big old trees and vines. In the forest, it is easy to hear the voice of precious birds such as hornbill, big falcon, etc.

Cong Do area

Cong Do area

Besides that, Cong Do Lake also has many shrimp, crabs, fish, and squid. Therefore, fishing is a popular hobby that attracts many tourists, they get a sense of peace when surrounded by nature here. For those who interested in exploring, you can go deep into the forest to climb. The air here is always cool and fresh, helping climbers do not feel too tired.

Cong Do island is also known for its 700m long coral reef. If you are able to dive, you can admire the extremely splendid scenery of red corals, forest corals with many colors and strange shapes.

With unique features of biodiversity, natural landscapes, coral reefs, the Cong Do area promises to bring fascinating discoveries for tourists when visiting Ha Long Bay.

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