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Crab Market

No travel experience is complete without delicious foods. There is no exception with a journey to Kep Province in the South of Cambodia. A highlight in Kep Province where you must pay a visit to enjoy mouth-watering Kampot pepper crabs is definitely Kep Crab Market.

Unique Kep Crab Market is located in a small peaceful seaside village in the Town of Kep, which is just an easy bus ride from Phnom Penh. The market has a long-standing history as the locals have been doing business here for decades. The atmosphere inside Kep Crab Market is always hectic and bustling from day till night. Coming to the village just to visit and pass through the Crab Market with tasting no crabs is extremely a big mistake. You may get overwhelmed at the fact Kep Crab Market offers some of the freshest crabs in the whole world! Especially, the crab and seafood combined with the flavor of Kampot hot pepper are considered by many tourists as the perfect combo you must try when you have a chance to cross by the market.

Kep Image At Kep Crab MarketAn iconic image of crab at Kep Crab Market draws all visitors’ attention!

Kep Cambodia was once a monotonous seaside village. Now, it has become more and more hustle and bustle thanks to its burgeoning crab industry. This famous industry plays a vital role in helping the locals in Kep earn their living by fishing, selling, and serving this kind of seafood to visitors. At the first sight, Kep Crab Market does not look like maintaining lots of food options. However, when you take a really deep insight into how the market works which is explained as follows, it will truly keep you hooked at every step from how to buy fresh crab, get it cooked, and enjoy them right at hand.

Step one: Find a crab seller

When walking around the back of the market, it is easy to find giant buckets of crabs waiting to buy. Next to these buckets are women moving back and forth asking anyone whether they want Kep Crab. You can immediately reach to her to ask for some of the fresh Kep crabs. You may be required to stand still waiting for the saleswoman to prepare your crab. Do not feel awesome when watching your booked crab grasped straight out of the ocean!

Step two: Negotiate Kep Crab’s price

Have you ever known that negotiating something’s price in Asia is an art? You need to get familiar with your goods being overpriced most of the time. However, if you see the secret of buying and selling in Asia, it is always negotiable. Normally, 1 kg of crab, which often costs 15 USD followed by sellers, is the standard amount for two people. You can freely choose the best crabs you need to buy before the seller weighs them and move on to the negotiation. One important rule you must keep in mind when negotiating at Kep Crab Market is you will typically pay double the actual amount. Therefore, it will be perfect if you successfully negotiate the price of 1 kg of crab ranging from 7 USD to 9 USD. If you have a desire to cook crab instantly at the market, you should ask the seller directly for details.

Step three: Get your crab cooked

Generally, the saleswoman will take you to the far end of the Kep Crab Market, where seems to be the least lively part of the market. At this place, another one will take your bag of crabs at the cost of 2 USD at least. It is likely a good deal compared to that of other restaurants in the region. Moving on to the back corner of Kep Crab Market, you will totally watch the process of how your crabs get cooked. Kep crabs now will be quartered into smaller pieces and taken out the guts. Then, the cookers will run and grab a bushel of firewood, shove it into the bottom of the grill and put a big cast iron wok on top. When the fire is hot, oil and Kampot pepper kernels are added to the wok. After the pepper kernels are fried, they will add heaps of garlic into the mixture and stir it. Eventually, to complete the crab meal, the cookers will add some special sauce and simmer them all together. The meal will be put on a takeout box and then you can bring it to another side of the market to enjoy your Cambodia flavor crab.

Cooking Kep CrabIt is fantastic to watch the process of making mouth-watering Kep crabs 

Step 4: Look for a table

After taking your crab to one of some tables in the center of Kep Crab Market, you need to understand the rule of the table keepers that you must buy their rice to eat with your crab or just any drink from theirs. Do not worry about the price because they are all quite cheap! When you finish your meal, you can make use of some limes they give you to sanitize your hands.

In conclusion, Kep Crab Market is truly a wonderful destination you should not miss when you are planning to have a great holiday in Kep Cambodia. Remember to indulge in famous crabs with typical Kampot peppers to enhance your travel experience!

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