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Cu Chi Tunnels is a network of underground passageways that run to more than 120 miles (200 kilometers) in total length in this area alone. Work by the Viet Cong commenced in 1948 as a means of shelter from the French air attacks during the Indochina conflict.

Cu Chi TunnelCu Chi TunnelCu Chi TunnelCu Chi Tunnel Cu Chi TunnelCu Chi Tunnel Cu Chi Tunnel

If you are a modern citizen who comes to Vietnam for new experience backwards to the famous Vietnam war, then coming to Cu Chi tunnel will definitely blow your mind. The thrilling tunnels with narrow space, darkness, and complex network design often surprises tourists, knowing the underground network was built only by farmers and soldiers to avoid enemies and war damage.

Cu Chi Tunnel

Cu Chi Tunnel

Firstly built in 1940s during French colonial period, Cu Chi tunnels is a complex underground tunnel network for Vietnamese soldiers and locals. The hidden live underground helps them to avoid bomb attack from the enemies’ modern Boeings and give Vietnamese soldiers chances to surprisingly fight back the battles. The underground site is over 120km long, hosting variety of functional “rooms” such as trapdoors, kitchens, storages, personal rooms, hospitals and even command centers. Vietnamese soldiers expended the tunnels, including effective air filtration systems after the war against the French, which fortunately helped them survive the Chu Chi carpet-bombings. Parts of Cu Chi tunnel is now cemented and widened for tourism with exits each 10 meters for safety reason.

Under Ground Network

Under Ground Network

Nowadays, they have made it more interesting to visit Cu Chi tunnel as a tourist attraction with documentary videos, tunnel system introduction, shooting range with serviced bullets and rifles or stimulated paraffin statues imitating the past as displays. Therefore, if you are not so much of a dark-narrow-space-preferred person, you can still enjoy visiting such an interesting historical attraction.

Although owning such impress tunnel system, Cu Chi tunnel offers so much more than the tunnel itself so that foreign visitors can also enjoy the experience and learn about Vietnamese unique way to survive and strike back the powerful enemies during difficult time. There are tour operators who will provide travelers with half-day tourand careful tour guides, costing around $35 upwards.

Visit Cu Chi Tunnel

Visit Cu Chi Tunnel

Being an iconic attraction with plenty of activities, Cu Chi takes only 1 hour driving from Ho Chi Minh citycenter. Tourists often come to Cu Chi tunnel early in the morning to enjoy the day wandering around the whole complex which will closed at 5PM. If you are coming self-guided, taking bus might not be a good idea since it would take 2 different routes. You can book taxi or Grab to the place for more convenience. Saving your energy to explore the long tunnels will be definitely recommended.

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