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Cua Van Village

Listed as one of the Top 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world by, the Cua Van Floating Village Halong Bay is a unique wonder for fishermen. Let's come to Cua Van fishing village to immerse in the charming pristine natural scenery and friendly people here.

Cua Van Floating Village Overview

Let’s have “a quick look” at this ancient floating village!

  • Top 16 the most beautiful ancient villages in the world by in 2012
  • This was formed hundreds of years ago by discovering fishermen who went to the sea to find a place to avoid storms
  • This is the home of 176 residents (about 750 individuals) relying mainly on fishing
  • The village originates from two ancient fishing villages called Giang Vong and Truc Vo, which explains the spectacular culture of Cua Van
  • 12 rafts (including cultural houses, classrooms, etc.) have been preserved for tourism since then

Amazing Cua Van Floating Village

Wonderful Cua Van Floating Village



Cua Van fishing village is located in Hung Thang commune, Ha Long City, about 20km from the tourist pier. The village is a collection of houses floating on the water and is located in a calm sea, surrounded by majestic limestone mountains called Va Gia - Cua Van.

Cua Van Village Cruise Map

Cua Van Floating Village Cruise Map


Things to do

Cua Van fishing village is an ideal destination not only for those who love peace but also for culture vultures who love to explore local life when visiting the World Natural Wonder of Halong Bay.

Things to do at Cua Van Floating Village


Immerse in the idyllic beauty of Cua Van fishing village

An ancient unspoiled beauty, the charm of the houses built at the foot of the mountain, and the life imbued with traditional coastal culture will appear right in front of your eyes when visiting this peaceful village.

Both souls and bodies of Cua Van villagers belong to the water, in which even children from 4 to 5 years old know how to paddle. All living and spiritual activities, from birth to death, take place right here, in the floating village.

Sitting On Bamboo Boat For Sightseeing

The peaceful sense in the village 

You will witness the life of more than 300 households living in floating houses. In front of each house, there will be a boat parked. The people of the fishing village are quite friendly. You will be surprised by their hospitality. 


Participate in fascinating fishing village activities 

Besides admiring the stunning serene fishing village, you also have a chance to explore the fascinating fishing culture:

  • Join the fishermen to row out fishing
  • Have a nice meal with the fresh-caught fish on the boat for a fully local experience 
  • Enjoy traditional music performances on bamboo boats
  • Visit the Tien Ong Cave and Ba Ham Lake nearby
  • Experience fishing squid, ... on small wooden boats or baskets

Fascinating Fishing Village Activities

Fascinating Fishing Village Activities


How to get to Cua Van Fishing Village

Since the village is far away from the mainland, you can refer to the options from Halong Pier then to explore this ancient village perfectly:

Way To Get To Cua Van Village

Options to get to Cua Van Floating Village


Rent A Day Boat or Cano to travel on your own

Both of these ways are suitable for a large group who want to travel to Cua Van Fishing Village in a day. This can carry from 30 to 50 people.

Options Price (Excluding meals)
Day Boat (Sharing tour) Route 1 (4 hours): US $5 - US $7/pax
Route 2 (6 hours): US $7 - US $9/pax
Day Boat (Charter) US $24 - US $35/hour
Cano From US $150

NOTE: The price depends on the type of boat, the number of groups, and the tourist season.


Book a Halong Overnight Cruise

Booking a cruise tour is the BEST choice for travelers to come by Cua Van Floating Village. Most cruise tours visit Cua Van Floating Village in a 3-day 2-night itinerary.

Many overnight cruise trips can guarantee your fulfilled experience of visiting Cua Van floating village and then exploring by rowing a kayak or boat for self-joy. (This is all included in each cruise package)

You can choose “Halong Bay Cruise” as a preferred option. Here are some suggestions maybe you'll need:

Cruise Price from
Paradise Elegance Cruise US $168/pax
Pelican Cruise US $149/pax
Legend Halong Private Cruise US $422 (charter)
Valentine Premium Private Cruise US $460 (charter)

All the prices above are subject to change for each discount promotion. You also find more cruises to Halong Bay with many HOT DEALS here!

Get your cruise with the best deal

Travel Extra Tips

  • You should consult and book a hotel room in advance to avoid running out of rooms in the peak season ( May and June)
  • Prepare personal belongings, comfortable clothes, a full hat, shirt, glasses, and sunscreen to avoid sunstroke and sickness
  • If you get seasick, prepare anti-sickness medicine in advance

Hope this article will be helpful for your true experience in Halong Bay. Contact us for more Halong travel tips with our local travel consultants!

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Trip that visit Cua Van Village

Melody Private Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights
Melody Private Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights
9.7Excellent - 1 review
$1,375 $1,293 /pax
Paradise Elegance Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights
Paradise Elegance Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights
9.5Excellent - 43 reviews
$580 $336 /pax

Cua Van Village Map

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Hello! I requested a roundtrip via private boat for two people to a local working in an agency, and the best price he could offer was 140 USD. He also told me it would take 30 minutes from Tuan Chau Harbor. Given the distance, the price seems to be a little bit too much, but I wanted to ask a confirmation to experts like you. Can I ask what you think? Thank you!


Because there is no sharing boat to this place, you need to book private boat and 140 USD is best rate for now.

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