Da Chong Islet

Da Chong Mountain is located in sub-area 91, Bang Ca commune, Hoanh Bo district, Quang Ninh province. It has long been known as an ideal "check-in" spot for those who love to explore and experience. In particular, this place has a unique cliff including dozens of stones stacked, challenging the courage of adventure lovers.

Located at an altitude of over 400m above sea level, the unique beauty of Da Chong peak is not only an attractive destination for tourists who love to explore nature and altitude, not afraid of danger, but also an interesting place to take many great photos, etc. Da Chong Islet will surely make visitors feel very satisfied after hours of climbing to the top of Da Chong mount.

Da Chong Mount

With a unique shape, there are dozens of small and large natural stones, overlapping each other in a majestic scenery at a height of hundreds of meters. Some stones even jutting out of the edge of the forest, with the contact points between the two stones only about 1m2 creates a unique challenge for professional backpackers who want to conquer the mountain. From above, visitors can admire the beautiful view of Yen Lap Lake surrounded by a pine forest and small islands in the middle of the lake creating a wonderful landscape.

View From Da Chong Peak

A suggestion for tourists when following this route, you can go along the route from the center of Hoanh Bo district to be able to visit many guavas, apple, sugarcane farms of Son Duong and Dan Chu communes (Hoanh Bo). In addition, the Flower Paradise of Quang La and the Dao Thanh Y Bang Ca cultural preservation area will definitely be an interesting destination for all tourists.

Thanh Van

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Da Chong Islet Map

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