Da Lat Weather in May: Temperature & Things to Do

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Summertime is the peak tourism season of Da Lat when tourists everywhere come here to avoid the heat. The temperature in Da Lat is usually lower than in other places, however, this is the rainy season, and it can be rainy every day. The rain can not stop the tourists to visit this city. The feeling of sipping a warm cup of coffee by the window overlooking the rain is nothing that you can compare with. Let see what May have to offer to you by seeing the weather condition & things to do by reading this article.

Dalat weather in May

The weather in Da Lat in May is almost the same as in April, but both the humidity and temperature seem to be higher. The temperature ranges between 15°C - 27°C, but at night the temperature will be down and cool. May is the rainy season so it will rain almost daily. But it is just the showers that suddenly come and go no later than 1 hour so it does not influent much on your trip. The weather in May is hot during the day & cool at night so you should bring sunscreen & a thin jacket.

Let's summary weather information in May below

Min Temperature  15°C Precipitation    454.7mm
Max Temperature 27°C Rainy Days 29.2 days
Humidity          88.7% Sunshine Hours 11.5 hours

Dalat weather in May

Things to do in Dalat in May

Check-in at Horizon Café

Horizon Café is a peaceful cafe in the middle of Dalat's mountains, overlooking the mountains far away with immense pine trees. This coffee shop is also known as a very good check-in location in Da Lat. Sitting at the shop, you can enjoy the charming Dalat even in the misty mornings or warm evenings with a romantic sunset. From this place, we can also see the cable car at Prenn Pass. Horizon Café is open from 7:15 until 21:00m, and the price for a drink starts from 40.000 VND.


Visit fresh Garden Dalat

The fresh garden is another tourist attraction in Dalat which you should not miss when visiting Dalat in May. This place is a popular destination with flower fields and miniatures “million like”. Visiting this garden, you will be immersed in nature, listen to the peaceful melodies of the mountains and forests like the birds singing, the clear water running… Besides, there are a lot of miniatures, making the trip here more interesting. May is also the time when thousands of flowers like chrysanthemum mi, jade flowers, begonia, …bloom, so you can take beautiful pictures with them.

Lavender Garden

Visit fresh Garden Dalat


Visit Valley of Love

Surrounded by immense pine forests, streams, and lakes roaring day and night, the valley of love is not surprisingly a place is chosen by many young people to explore. To explore this valley, travelers can follow natural trails and stairs all around the valley to visit and admire the stunning flower gates and statues. The main attractions of the valley are Da Thien lake, Vong Canh hill, Thong Hai Mo hill, Mimosa flower street…You can also use US Jeep to explore the valley.

The Valley of Love

Visit Valley of Love


Tips for traveling Dalat in May

  • Prepare the itinerary for rainy days. Activities such as climbing, boating, trekking in the forest should be avoided to ensure your
  • Be careful if you drive as the road in Dalat is winding. It can be very dangerous in the rainy season, so choose the easy roads to drive.
  • May can be very busy in Dalat, so you had better book a flight ticket and accommodation early in advance.
  • The price for traveling to Dalat at the beginning of May will be cheaper than it is in the second half of May as children are off school at the end of the month and many families spend their holiday in Dalat.

What to pack?

  • In case it may rain, you can bring umbrellas, hats, waterproof backpacks, phone waterproof bags, etc.
  • If your health condition is not good, do not forget to prepare common medicines such as cold medicine, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, medicine for stomachache, ...
  • Coming to Da Lat in May, don't forget to bring a sweater or scarf, flat shoes, soft-soled sports shoes for convenience. Wearing hard leather shoes or high heels will cause inconvenience during movement and may cause dislocation or blistering.


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