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Da Lat Weather in January: Temperature & Things to Do

December 14, 2023 - 1016 views

January is springtime in Dalat, which probably brings tourists the most beautiful and full of emotions. This time is when the city of thousands of flowers wakes up. Traveling in spring, you can enjoy pleasant weather, beautiful and romantic landscapes. Let explore more about Dalat weather in January & things to do in the article below.

Dalat weather in January

January is among the coldest months in the year and the temperature can be lower than 10°C. Dalat weather in January is very stable, with little rain and light sunshine. The average temperature is between 14°C - 22°C. It is mildly sunny during day time, foggy and cool at night. So you should bring warmly close when traveling this month. Rain might happen on some cold days but does not influent much on your trip. May tourists come here to enjoy the cold climate and foggy weather covering the hills and forest.

Let's summary weather detail in Jan below.

Min Temperature 14°C Precipitation 35.3mm
Max Temperature  22°C Rainy Days 7.5 days
Humidity 84.1% Sunshine Hours 8.0 hours


Dalat weather in January


Things to do in Dalat in January

Check-in at Van Thanh flower village

Located 3 km far from Dalat city center, Van Thanh flower village, the largest flower village in Dalat is the main flower supply source for the city, especially roses. In the village, you can find various kinds of roses with fresh colors such as pink velvet, pink lotus, pink roses, yellow moonlight… as well as many other romantic flowers such as daisies, carnations, lotus, white chrysanthemums, …Coming to the village in January, you will be able not only to admire the flowers at their most beautiful, take pictures with flowers but also you can experience planting flowers, work in the village as a farmer.


Lam Vien square

Lam Vien Square is also known as Dalat Square by tourists. This is one of the most interesting and fascinating places to visit in Dalat that you cannot ignore. Many young Dalat people and tourists gather on the weekends to admire the natural beauty and special architecture here such as the giant Wild Sunflower, colorful glass-based Artichoke Flower Bud, amusement park, and shopping mall. Many local people come here for selling street food, and a variety of delicious snacks, so you can buy souvenirs and eat here as well.

Walk and enjoy the cool breeze at Xuan Huong Lake

Lam Vien square


Lang Cu Lan

Cu Lan village is a new but extremely attractive tourist destination in Da Lat, about 20 km from Dalat center at the foot of Langbiang mountain. Traveling to Cu Lan village, you will be immersed in the peace, beautiful natural scenery, forget the worries and anxieties of daily life. If you stay one night in the village, waking up the next morning, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful natural scenery, the beautiful time to squeeze on the branches. The breath of fresh forest air will relax your mind during a long journey to this lovely village!


Eat street food

Street food is among many reasons what people love about Dalat. The diversity of cultures in Dalat has created a unique feature for Dalat cuisine. The best Da Lat dishes are made with fresh produce and meat that are sourced from ethnic farms around the hill town. You can find delicious food at many stalls along Xuan Huong lake, or at Dalat night market. They sell authentic yet inexpensive dishes. Recommended food to try is a crispy baguette and meatball soup, along with hot soybean milk, Beef Rice Noodle Soup, Wet Rice Cake With Boiled Chicken, Grilled Rice Paper With Egg...

Taste Dalat Streetfood

Eat street food



What to pack for traveling Dalat in January?

The weather in Dalat in January is quite cold, you should prepare many warm clothes such as coats, shawls, socks, wool hats, etc. These accessories will also partly help your photos to be more beautiful.


Tips for traveling Dalat in January

  • January is the time when many tourists flock to Da Lat due to the New Year holiday. In order to get the best price for the hotel, flight, or tours in Dalat, you should book all the services early in advance.
  • When visiting crowded areas like Lam Vien square, Dalat market, you had better pay attention to your belongings, always keep them in a safe place.
  • To avoid the surcharge during Lunar New Year, you had better check with your travel consultant about the time of the holiday.

If you need any help to arrange a perfect tour in Dalat, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help with tours, flights, accommodation, transfer, and provide you with useful tips for travel.


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