Dong Ho Village

Dong Ho Village is famous with Dong Ho painting which is an intangible cultural heritage of Vietnam. 

Located on the left side of Duong River, Song Ho commune, Thuan Thanh District of Bac Ninh Province (about 35km from Hanoi), Dong Ho Village is famous with Dong Ho painting also known as Dong Ho folk woodcut painting. In the past, Dong Ho paintings were sold mainly for the Lunar New Year, people often bought to hang on the wall. Dong Ho village is a small village with about 220 families, most of them make Dong Ho painting and votive paper instead of farming.

Dong Ho painting appeared in 16th century, it was made manually from making papers to woodcut printing. Because Dong Ho paintings were mainly bought and hang on in Lunar New Year so the paintings always have colorful tones and the contents of the paintings are considered a good luck sign for the family, popular stories, historical figures and their perception of village life. There are some popular paintings of Dong Ho Village: 12 signs of Chinese zodiac, Corpulent pig with suckling piglets, Ba Trieu, Rat’s wedding, Boy sitting on a buffalo and playing flute, etc.

Dong Ho Village

A Dong Ho painting called "The family of Tai Chi pigs"

The special of Dong Ho painting is the material which made from natural elements, such as: papers are made from Do tree, ink is made from burned bamboo leaves, gravel, shells and flowers. In the end of process, the painting is covered by a layer of sticky rice paste.

When tourist go to Dong Ho village, they can visit “Dong Ho Painting Center” was set up in 2008 by Nguyen Dang Che, a craftsmen of Dong Ho village. This center was established to expand and try to develop Dong Ho painting in modern life by painting exhibition and give the visitor chance to make a Dong Ho painting by themselves.

Dong Ho Village

Dong Ho Village

To have a wonderful trip to Dong Ho village, you have 2 choices: joining in a full day tour to Dong Ho village and going on your own. If you want to go to Dong Ho from Hanoi by private transport, go ahead in Highway 5 (the way to Hai Phong City). You can also catch bus number 204 from Hanoi to Ho Street then go to Dong Ho village by motorbike.

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