Dragon Eye Island Vietnam

Dragon Eye island is located on the southern of Ha Long – Bai Tu Long Bay border. There is a natural white sand beach, stretching 3, 4 hundred meters and especially the unique landscape of a beautiful circular shape in the middle of the island.

Dragon Eyes IslandDragon Eyes Island

Another name of Dragon Eye island is “Bai Dong”, nowadays, it attracts a lot of youngsters coming to visit. The original beauty is the attractive and special thing of the island. Viewed from above, the island looks like a side of a dragon's head with a circular lake similar with a dragon's eye. Therefore, the people named this island is Dragon Eye island.

Dragon Eye Island

Dragon Eye Island

Dragon Eye island has an area of about 30ha. The island is covered by two mountain curves and surrounded by smooth white sand. It has a natural white sand beach, 300 - 400 m in length with a unique and spectacular natural landscape. The island has a primeval forest; diverse flora along the beach and steep cliffs.

Dragon Eye Island

Dragon Eye Island

The highlight of this island is Dragon Eye lake, clear water between the mountain curves and primeval forest. From the harbor, going through the forest about 100 m then you will reach the Dragon Eye lake. From the far distance, the lake looks like a beautiful blue jade. Tourist coming here will be very excited about the pure and blue water that you can see the bottom of the lake.

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Dragon Eye Island Map

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Asked by Billy, June 09, 2021
Hi! hope you're doing great. I wonder if traveling there at the moment is allowed? and if so is there any boats still working and can take me there ? I wanna camp there and stay overnight. and can I take my bike on the boat to the island? thank you very much
BestPrice, June 09, 2021
@Billy: Travel is now allowed in Quang Ninh province already but there is no boat running yet because other places in Vietnam still have COVID. Camp for overnight is not allowed yet, so if you want to visit this places you should contact with local who has a small boat which can easy access this. BestPrice