Explore Thailand on The Railways: Interesting Travel Experience

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During the long railway in Thailand; it is an ideal way to meet new like-minded friends and make your journey even better. Let’s get to know about the Thailand railways in a nutshell.

Inland tourism in Thailand has a great number of transport options such as plane, taxi, bus, and train. In Thailand, airlines are fast, not personal, and expensive for budget travelers. Taxis can be surprisingly economical for mid-range trips which cost 1,500 - 2,000 Baht (50 - 65 USD) around 2 hours from Bangkok to other destinations like Pattaya and Ayutthaya. Buses are popular with the locals for intercity travel, but there are too many stories of bus crashes caused by drivers using drugs to stay awake.

All things considered, trains in Thailand are the best option as it is safer than buses and a lot cheaper than taxis or planes.

 Explore Thailand on The Railways

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1. How many types of trains in Thailand?

Thailand railways offer different classes of travel, as below:

  • The third class

This class is only suitable for short local trips due to the thinly padded wooden seats, which luck can be assured. The vast majority of third-class passengers have to stand in crowded conditions, making the bus a better option. You can also bring your pet with you when you travel in third class.

Price range: 90 Baht to 150 Baht, depending on the size of the pet.

  • The second class

The gold standard for travelers is second-class. The luxury carriages where the seats face each other in pairs and transform into beds at night. Your luggage can be safely stowed on a rack next to you and security is generally good, although money, passports, and valuables should be kept on you while you sleep.
Price range: 800 Baht to 1,000 Baht

  • The first class

The first class is the option to choose if you have the budget, offering comfort, privacy, and value for money.
Price range: 1,500 Baht to 2,000 Baht

2. Main routes of Thailand railway

  • Bangkok to Chiang Mai train

Consider taking a train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, a popular route for both tourists and locals. The distance between Bangkok to Chiang Mai is less than 700 km and takes 11 - 12 hours by express train. On average, the fare will range from 400 - 1000 Baht, but if you go during festivals or Tet, the price will increase. If you prefer, there is an overnight sleep service that saves time by traveling while you sleep and saves money on an overnight hotel.

The English-speaking staff can be found inside the station and at information kiosks for assistance. You must buy a ticket in advance before you get on the train and the conductor will go along the train and punch your ticket throughout the journey.

Generally, trains leave on time, but a single-track system can cause delays throughout the journey.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai Bangkokoto Chiang Mai

Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai/https://www.tanyourmind.com/

  • Bangkok to Maeklong train

In fact, another great railway journey in Thailand is the 70 km ride from Bangkok to Maeklong.

Maeklong is 70 km southwest of Bangkok. Coming to this market, you can almost exclusively find local products such as fish, vegetables, and textiles. Every day, the vendors here hustle to clear all their goods away from the train tracks and drag the booth inside to clear the way for trains to pass about 8 times. Train passage times vary slightly and there are often very late trains. But the important thing is still enough time for you to explore this wonderful market.

Tourists make itineraries for unique experiences! The journey consists of two train journeys separated by a ferry. On top of that, the railroad ran through the center of a world-famous bazaar, wheels passing just away from beautifully arranged fruits and vegetables displayed along the edges of the tracks.

The journey begins at Bangkok's third lesser-known train station, WongWian Yai station, and runs for an hour to the end of the line at Samut Sakhon, also known by Thais as Mahachai. Visitors must get off and walk along with Cho Pho to the river and ferry terminals.

Cross the river to Ban Laem and walk past another fish market to the local station where the train then departs for Maeklong. After about 55 minutes, get your camera ready as the market is located on the outer edge of Maeklong city and is a truly staggering sight! We recommend sitting in the back of the last wagon so you can have a great view, and maybe some unique photos or videos. This railway in Thailand is not part of the national railway network and you will not find any train times listed on the timetable on the State Railways website.

  • Train from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi and River Kwai

A 5-day railway trip to Kanchanaburi and River Kwai is a wonderful and moving experience for those who want to honor the prisoners who built the famous bridge across the River Kwai. Tourists start their journey in Bangkok and travel through some wonderful countryside to Kanchanaburi and then travel along the Thai-Burma railway,

A day spent exploring the caves in Kanchanaburi along with delving into World War II history in the War Museum and Allied Cemetery, followed by a river trip on a bamboo raft and riding an elephant in a tropical forest.

 Explore Thailand on The Railways River Kwai Bridge

Train to Kanchanaburi/https://theculturetrip.com/

The next day was a ride on the Death Railroad before returning by train to Bangkok, Each train costs only 100 Baht (£2.50), costing one way only a few pounds. If you are planning a trip through Thailand railways, explore the possibilities of train travel and turn a necessary trip into a memorable adventure!

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