Halong Night Market

Planning to visit Halong Bay, you should never miss seeing the bustling night market. Here are the reasons why.

Halong night market, a part of Halong Marine Plaza Entertainment and Trade Center, is a complex of over 300 stalls that sell diverse types of goods like souvenirs, clothes, foods, etc. The market was built in 2015 to provide tourists with an off-the-beaten-track and unforgettable shopping experience, giving the locals jobs to earn a living. So far, it has become a worth-visiting destination for tourists and travellers during their vacation in Halong Bay.

Here, you can find a wide selection of things with a wide range of prices. Items that are sold include the essentials like swimsuits, lotion, or hat, which you might forget to bring along for some reason, and handmade accessories, or handicrafts that can be unique and colourful presents for your friends. Besides, by visiting the Halong night market, you will have a chance to meet the locals that are extremely hospitable and to enjoy the bustling self of Halong that only exists during the night. This may give you some intriguing stories to tell when you are back in your home country.

As Halong Bay night market is fully equipped with great infrastructure and facilities such as a vibrant lighting system, electric fan system, convenient parking, 24/24 security, and good hygiene, you won’t have to be worried about anything but thoroughly enjoy your visit.

Some of the activities in the Halong Bay night market are

  • Shopping: Within the area of 5000m2, different products are offered at different costs. You can come to buy cheap swimsuits, hat, towel, etc. things that you need, or some aesthetic stuff that are handmade by the locals. Besides, this is a great chance to practice your bargaining skill. You can observe how the people here or your Vietnamese friends (if having some come along) do it and try it sometimes. Though prices in the Halong Bay market vary from low to high, they are still higher than those in other places. Therefore, bargaining will be needed.

Go shopping at Halong Night Market

Different types of souvenir in Halong Night Market 

  • Trying some food: After minutes of walking around the market, you may get hungry and tired, then drop into a food counter to try some delicious dishes. Those include hot noodles such as bun, mien, pho and snacks like banh gat gu, banh can. All of them are cheap and easy to eat.

Halong Night Market food

Food in Halong Night Market is also appetising

  • Taking pictures: Halong Bay night market’s being well decorated with light system and colourful stalls have given it a very different beauty that is soulful and lively. Every moment is invaluable, so taking some pictures will be the best idea to keep the best memories. Just walk around, shoot a random scene, and you will see how beautiful the market is. The photos that you took maybe also perfect gifts for your family and friends.

Halong Night Market pictures

A stunning picture of Halong Night Market 

Are you interested in the Halong bay night market? Let’s include it in your Halong Bay tour. The experience can be unforgettable. To get to the market, you can walk along Bai Chay beach if staying next to it. Otherwise, hiring an electric car for a visit around the whole area and finally, stopping at Halong bay night market is good.

The market is open from 6 pm till midnight, hence an ideal opportunity to see the beach at night. Entrance is free, so you can freely get in and out of the market.

Halong Night Market Map

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