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Hanoi Summer: Should I Travel?

March 29, 2021 - 601 views

Have you had any plans for this summer? If you haven't, it's time to consider Hanoi. Let us introduce something for you to enjoy in the Hanoi summer. These activities won't let you down. Stay tuned!

Hanoi Summer Weather 

Hanoi in summer may annoy you because the temperature is very high on some days between 30°C - 38°C. The climate this time in Hanoi is probably quite humid. Although Hanoi is not too hot the whole summer, the atmosphere is quite smoky and full of ash, so please keep in mind to wear sweat absorbent clothes. 

You can see the temperature overview of each month in Hanoi summer below:

Month Lowest temperature Highest temperature Rainfall
May 25°C 35°C 190mm
June 28°C 38°C 230mm
July 26°C 36°C 299mm


Hanoi Summer

Hanoi Summer


Things to do in Hanoi Summer 

Not only is it the capital of a thousand years of civilization, but Hanoi also has many attractive places with a lot of things for you to do. Let us show you the top 5 must-do activities right below!


1. Enjoy the beauty of Phoenix & purple Lagerstroemia road

Known as typical flowers of tropical South Asia, the Phoenix & Lagerstroemia gradually becomes a familiar highlight of Hanoi when May beats up. There is always a purple of Lagerstroemia and a red of Phoenix on the streets of Hanoi when summer comes. The image of these flowers appears in many songs and rhymes writing about Hanoi, which proves the irresistible charm of these flowers. The delicate flowers make people fluster as they will be immersed in the gentle colour in the shadow of the deep blue lakes. Whether wandering under drizzling rain in the early morning or hot summer in the afternoon, you will fall in love with these kinds of flowers.  

Beautiful phoenix flower in Hanoi summer

Beautiful phoenix flower in Hanoi summer


2. Refresh at Ho Tay Water Park

If you want to find a place to escape the heat of the summer, this is an ideal choice. Ho Tay Water Park becomes the mecca for people to rejoice on weekends or holidays. This place is a complex of many games that will drive you crazy! Located next to a poetic West Lake strip, the park is a mixture of vibrant colors from modern entertainment areas to art shows.

Please don't hesitate as the water system is treated through a guaranteed recirculating filtration system. There are mass options for you to start the excitement, but it is better to start with the light games first and then the thrilling ones with different levels of difficulties to avoid being exhausted. Those with a history of heart disease or blood pressure should also consider choosing games that are adventurous and challenging.

That is why Ho Tay Water Park is considered one of Hanoi's amusement spots that should be explored at least once, so do not miss the chance to visit!

Ho Tay Waterpark for wonderful Hanoi Summer

Ho Tay Waterpark for wonderful Hanoi Summer


3. Kayak/ Paddle in Westlake

Both Kayak and Paddle give players experience from standing, sitting, or lying down on the board. Not only are athletic sports good for health, but these activities also offer us a wonderful time with friends who share the same passion for discovery. 

It sounds a bit confusing when you get started, but dancing on the board is not as difficult as you think. Once you are confident in mastering the plank, start walking on the lake to explore the beauty of West Lake! Relaxing with these sports is soothing while coming into race is a completely different story, but it also has fun!

Kayaking in Ho Tay

Kayaking in Ho Tay


4. Enjoy traditional ice cream in Hoan Kiem Lake.

When coming to Hanoi, there is an item that many people want to try is Trang Tien Ice Cream. Trang Tien has become a well-known brand due to its cool vibe with a fresh taste in many flavors for you. The Ice Cream is fragrant and full of milk, making you want to take a bite at once. There are two flavors you should try: vanilla and chocolate!

You can enjoy the ice creams at an affordable price regardless of whether it is summer or winter. The bar has a big space so that it can serve many passengers at the same time. However, you still have to queue so as not to cause chaos. 

Another choice that you shouldn't ignore is Thuy Ta popsicle- the brand has come out since 1954. With its high quality, the product has become familiar to the locals and tourists visiting the capital. Until now, the popsicles still make food lovers hardly forget the unique culinary culture of Hanoi!


5. Taste Hanoi Local street food at night

Food is part of a country's culture. Want to have the perfect experience about the land you passing through? You should once enjoy the Hanoi street food- the heaven for real culinary devotees to seek. You will not be disappointed as Hanoi offers visitors impressive dishes in every distinct season. If you need something for a summer night, a glass of water of apricots will be what you remember most.  In the fall, the aroma of fragrant nuggets is what makes your heart flutter. Besides, baked potatoes, spring rolls, especially Vietnamese baguettes will wake up all your senses!


Tips for traveling in Hanoi Summer

  • Prepare yourself with compact luggage and comfortable clothing: You should only bring the essentials. Others like toothpaste are unnecessary as the hostels have. 
  • Bring necessary items: ID card, passport, cash, and ATM card, especially cameras, chargers. You can list them before packing and then check again to see if you forgot or not.
  • Be careful of the sunlight: The effects of the sun will damage the skin and possibly cause cancer. Thus, it would help protect yourself by using sunscreen and extra wide-brimmed hats to block UV rays. The best way to control your body temperature is to stay indoors and drink water!

Prepare for great Hanoi Summer

Prepare for great Hanoi Summer


It's the moment to end the tour of Hanoi summer! Each activity has its own attraction that most travel fans can't blow away the chance to drop in. It's up to you and what place you like because Hanoi always welcomes anybody! We hope you have a meaningful and wonderful summer in the capital of Vietnam!

Let's find the best Hanoi tours for your summer vacation.


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