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Ho Quoc Pagoda, also known as Truc Lam Ho Quoc, is the largest and most peaceful Buddhist temple on Phu Quoc Island (Kien Giang). The temple is situated along the coastal 10-km road in  north of Sao Beach, that’s why the panoramic sea view afforded from the temple grounds is unsurpassed and very worth a visit.

Ho Quoc Pagoda is 18kms from Duong Dong Town and located in Suoi Lon hamlet, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province. Ho Quoc pagoda was built in 2012 a spiritual tourism project with a total area of 110 ha; of which the temple occupies 12%, considered to be the largest temple in Phu Quoc Island and also in the Mekong Delta provinces.

Ho Quoc Pagoda

Ho Quoc Pagoda

The pagoda was built following architecture style of Ly - Tran Dynasties, thereby, while coming here, visitors are not only satisfied with the beautiful temple carved out with intricate details, but also fall in love with the stunning natural landscape here. Truc Lam Ho Quoc attracts a large number of tourists every year because of the harmony between human creativity and majestic nature. Moreover, tourists can visit the main temple, burn incense, and pray under the giant Buddha statues inside.

Buddha statue in Ho Quoc Pagoda

Buddha statue in Ho Quoc Pagoda

The temple has a panoramic view from the top of the stairs that visitors have to climb the dragon stairs to reach the top. You can feast your eyes on the view, turn around and look down the dragon stairs out towards the ocean and you'll face the most enchanting panoramic view of the mountains and sea. Located in beautiful high between the sea and the mountain side, Ho Quoc Pagoda is perfect space to meditate and relax for visitors when travel to Phu Quoc Island.

Beside, this pagoda also have lush mountain rich with wildlife for more explore. It is nice place for you to visit. It is not far from the center of Duong Dong Town. From the Pagoda you can see whole Phu Quoc Island and take nice picture.

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