Hoa Cuong Fishing Village

Hoa Cuong floating village is surrounded by the majestic limestone mountains as rising from the sea, creating an impressive painting of the world natural heritage Halong Bay. 

The village has a population of 750 in 200 households. They mainly earn their livelihood by fishing since a long time ago.
Hoa Cuong fishing village with rustic floating houses, are built along the edge of rocky islands, tied together to resist storms. In front of the house is the simple bamboo boats, daily transportation that the children here can easy to drive.
Although daily life in fishing village takes place on the sea, but not monotonous. Their calling at a distance and rowing live up the atmosphere of the quiet bay. Especially, when the floating village has a festival or wedding, you will hear the locals sing teaser songs with funny melodies.
Hoa Cuong floating fishing village also boasts a training establishment for their children, which are the first floating classrooms in Halong Bay. And the Hoa Cuong Floating Cultural Center belongs to the Bai Tu long Bay, where displays the files and images of the traditional fishing community in Halong Bay.

Hoa Cuong Fishing Village Map

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