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Top 5 Things to Do in Hoi An Night Market

April 23, 2021 - 1725 views

Hoian night market is something you should never miss during your visit to this beautiful city. Go shopping, eating, playing some traditional games and there are much more to do at the night market in Hoian. The below article is about 5 recommended activities for you to do at Hoian night market.

Hoian at night

Hoian at night

1. Eat at the Night Market

Eating street food at the night market is one of the great experiences that you should not miss when in Hoian. There is a variety of delicious food in street in Hoian such as banh xeo and banh mi, potato and sausage rolls, coconut candy, coconut cake, grilled banana sticky rice...The prices for these dishes are reasonable, with only about 1USD. If you are looking for a proper meal, you can go to restaurants, pubs, and bars along the market. Upstairs in these places, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Hoian Night Market and Thu Bon River.

Eating at the night market in Hoian

Eating at the night market in Hoian

Ice cream rolls in hoian night market

Ice cream rolls in Hoian night market

2. Shop at the Night Market

Hoi An sells the best traditional apparel, silk products, and paper lanterns in Vietnam. The quality of these products is excellent, and the price is good. Hoian night market is full of stalls selling souvenirs, from clothes to accessories, shoes, handbags, lacquer wear, lanterns, and jewelry. Buy some gifts for your friends back when you are in this market. Do not forget to play the bargaining games with local people, price should be at least 75% lower than what the sellers ask for.

Souvenirs shops

Souvenirs shops

3. Release a Paper Lantern and Make a Wish

On the bridge cross Hoai river, there are a few street vendors at different ages selling paper lanterns. It is believed that if you light up a lantern, make a wish as you set them afloat on the water, it will bring you luck and happiness. Therefore, try your luck with buying one of these lanterns, light it up, make a wish, and see if your wish becomes true. If you come here on the 1st and 15th every month in the lunar calendar, you will more local people light the lanterns up than other days. The river twinkling with hundreds of lanterns floating away in the river becomes one of the best images when people think of Hoian.

Lantern releasing at Hoian night market

Lantern releasing at Hoian night market

4. Play Bai Choi

Bai Choi is a traditional Vietnamese game that first appeared in Hoian 400 years ago. The game is on every Saturday evening on the bank of Hoai River. To take part in the game, you need to buy some cards, and some actors and actresses will teach you how to play. You will be listening to Hoian folk songs, at the end of the game, you will hear the name of the card you have to play. If you get there, you are the winner and you will get a gift.

Playing Bai Choi at Hoian night market

Playing Bai Choi at Hoian night market

5. Drink Cheap Beer

Nowhere in the world, beer is cheaper than it is in Vietnam. Hoian Night market is full of stalls selling cheap but tasty beer. These stalls are on Bach Dang street, overlooking the beautiful river. After a long walk on the night market, you may want to sit down for relaxing, choose one of the beer stalls on this street. The cold beer will please your thirst. If you are a solo traveler, you may find y our fellows after few beers here. Have a blast!

Drinking cheap beer

Drinking cheap beer at Hoian night market

Taking picture at night market in Hoian

Taking a picture at the night market in Hoian

Hope that the above information is helpful for your trip to Hoian. If there is anything you need to know, do not hesitate to contact us.


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