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Top 4 Hoi An Nightlife Guides

April 17, 2021 - 5338 views

Plan to spend your nights in Hoian, Vietnam? Check out our top 4 ULTIMATE nightlife activities in Hoian ancient town!

When it comes to nightlife in Hoi An, the city-state practically transforms itself from an ever-so-ancient town to a buzzing network of bars and nightclubs as soon as the sun goes down. You can experience two atmospheres right in one space. This side of the bridge is Night Market with poetic beauty and many sparkling souvenirs; the other side is a myriad of vivid bars and pubs. Pubbing and clubbing here is a must if you want to feel the true night of this ancient city, experience the town only by day and you just get half of the picture. 

1. Hoi An Night Market

Hoi An Night Market

Lanterns in Hoi An Town

Evenings in Hoi An are a sparkling time when lanterns are all lit up. If you are up for nighttime shopping, you can cross the bridge over to An Hoi island where a night market sets up selling everything from silk lanterns, stoned pictures to beaded necklaces. Hoi An Night Market really seems to universally appeal to people from anywhere, it is truly one of the most interesting beautiful night markets. You just have to remember to bargain with the shop owners for buying gifts at reasonable prices.

2. Music, bars, pubs

Hoi An itself remains mellow in the nightlife department. It is about right for the atmosphere of the place. And there are plenty of tasteful atmospheric spots for a quiet Hoi An drink. They are mostly in close proximity to one another too, so you can wander around and pick the bar that takes your fancy.

Most of Hoi An’s bars are along Le Loi and Nguyen Thai Hoc streets. The river is lined with restaurants that also happily double up as bars.

Bar in Hoi An

Bars on riverside

  • Mango Mango (45 Nguyen Phuc Chu St, Hoi An)

Located right next to Hoi An’s famous Japanese Covered Bridge, funky Mango Mango is a stylish place to share a bottle of wine, relax, and chic. The red lacquer bar is smartly accompanied by cocktail tables and an extensive choice of drinks. Latin-inspired music adds to the ambiance and there is also a selection of succulent food on offer.

  • Mango rooms (111 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hoi An)

Mango Rooms' eclectic and innovative flavors are reflective of the long journey of chef and proprietor, Duc Tran. It is Duc's original restaurant in Hoi An.

  • Tam Tam (110 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hoi An)

Arrive early to grab a balcony seat and wait for the fun to chill out. Tam Tam is an upmarket venue with a friendly atmosphere in what is one of Hoi An’s most popular nightspots. Housed in a picturesque old building and despite having been around forever it is still one place not be missed. It is not as loud as it used to be and is a lovely place to have a drink while you catch up with friends.

  • Before and Now (51 Le Loi St, Hoi An)

It has long been Hoi An’s most popular bar, though it is seemed to be mellowing with age. Attracting mainly the young union, it is a good choice if you indeed need a little more energy than what is available elsewhere.

  • Café 96 (96 Bach Dang St, Hoi An)

It may not look posh like Mango Rooms but it is the atmosphere of the quaint little place where the family will cook some true Vietnamese food and make you feel like a member of the family.

  • White Marble (98 Le Loi St, Hoi An)

White Marble’s corner wine bar space in the center of town also sports a good wine list with several options by the glass. The cozy, airy building over two floors is a gem. If you settle in, you can stay for dinner.

  • Q-bar (95 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hoi An)

A lot of people love Q-bar and tend to drop in whenever they are in Hoi An. It is a really trendy cocktail bar, the manager is very pleasant, the services are professional and especially kids are welcomed here.

  • Why Not Bar (10 Pham Hong Thai St, Hoi An)

And if you want your night spinning completely out of control, Why Not Bar is Hoi An’s messy late-night venue. Popular with wobbling backpackers, it starts and finishes very lately. Young women should take special care. Do not come alone, watch your drinks and your things carefully, try staying in control.

  • The Hill station (321 Nguyen Duy Hieu St, Hoi An)

The Hill station in Hoi An is situated in one of the most charming and characteristic buildings in this UNESCO heritage town.

It offers a wide range of cheese, charcuterie, and wines together with their own homemade products. Italian coffee and homemade cakes are also served and make for the perfect excuse to sit down and unwind after a day of walking around the historic town.

3. Enjoy unique-recipe Espresso

Hoi An Espresso

Enjoying coffee

Not only the combination harmoniously between modern and ancient decoration could surprise you but also the flavor of Espresso and the food of these café are able too. Once traveling to Hoi An, I suggest you search the location of many local specialties shops before starting your journey there. Reaching Out, Cocobox, Hoi An Roastery, Mai Fish & Mango Mango are some suggestions for you to enjoy Espresso at night.

  • Reaching Out (131 Tran Phu St, Hoi An)

This is a unique tea house located on Tran Phu Street, it is known as the quietest and purist pitch in the bustling heart of the ancient town. Stepping over the threshold, the silence will cover the whole space, without the music, all waitresses here are people with disabilities and communicate with customers by body language. Visitors are very considerate and silent. Wi-Fi does not exist here, Reaching Out encourages absolute relaxation.

Parallel with the quiet space is healthy products served here including many kinds of tea, fruit juices, and organic coffee.

  • CoCobox (94 Le Loi St, Hoi An)

As Reaching Out, CoCobox also uses organic products. However, the style here is quite different. Located near the river of Le Loi street, a little CoCobox is much brighter than Reaching Out. Tourists who are interested in coffee machine makers should come here at least one time, espresso at CoCobox absolutely is the most delicious in Hoi An, and you will never and ever can forget the coffee flavor here no matter wherever you go. The food menu is various and unique, created in criteria tasty and good for health. There are many homemade bakes and jams sold by the day for customers to choose from.

  • Hoi An Roastey (47 Le Loi St, Hoi An)

Hoi An Roastery is located far from CoCobox just a few houses. It impresses tourists with the prominent dark coffee tone and Western-style. Cocobox specializes in coffee so that the coffee flavor always attracts everyone passing. There are mainly foreigners and their favorite drink is usually “strong and bitter” Espresso. The specialties in Hoi An and Viet Nam traditional foods are able to be found here.

  • Mai Fish and Mango Mango (45 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St, Hoi An)

To self-reward a delicious meal in your enjoyable trip, nothing is better than a dinner in one of those two restaurants. Foods there are cooked by unique recipes. The flavor of each dish taste in these restaurants is very special so the price is quite higher than the others. Both restaurants belong to one owner who is a chef that studied abroad for many years.

Restaurants are “residents” of Hoi An city, try to search and discover you will absolutely find out a wealth of interesting and beautiful places. The names mentioned above are just a few suggestions in a myriad of many other choices to experience in Hoi An night.

4. Boating on Hoai River

Night boating in Hoi An

Boat trip on Hoai River

From the moment when sunrise starts to midnight, the little boats on the Hoai River always bring the visitors special experiences of the ancient Hoi An life.

Hoai River is a tributary of the Thu Bon River that runs through Hoi An. With the local people living in this town and many travelers visiting there, the Hoai River is the inseparable symbol of the ancient Hoi An. Moreover, this gentle little river is deeply attached to Hoi An resident living. Their main occupation is rowing, taking visitors to visit the spectacle.

Floating on the Hoai River costs from 30,000VND to 50,000VND for 30 minutes. The attractive feature here is all the boats do not use engines. This makes the tourists feel deeply about the simplest beauty of the ancient town. The ferryman will share many interesting daily life stories if you want to hear while enjoying the floating trip.

So do not wait any longer, pack it up and prepare for a memorable trip in a whole new land in Vietnam. Surely you won’t regret!

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