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Most people will immediately think of Hoi An with its ancient and simple beauty. Not only that, but this town also owns the best beaches in the nation. Welcome to the latest update of Hoi An's Beaches! All You Need to Know is accessible!

Best time to enjoy a beach vacation in Hoi An

Before you have grasped where to go in Hoi An, surely you also need to know what season to travel, what month, and how many days. This is to facilitate the arrangement and planning of a reasonable trip because the weather in Hoi An is also quite uncomfortable. Like any destination in the central area, there are days when the sun burns the scalp; there are days when it rains heavily.

There are two distinct seasons called the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season is always more convenient in transportation, sightseeing, and eating, but the rainy season has its beauty. If you do not like the harsh sunlight of the central region, you can choose the time of season change, when the weather is more pleasant.


Top 6 Best Hoi An's Beaches

1. Cua Dai Beach

Welcome to one of the 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia! With its wild beauty, Cua Dai beach has become an attractive destination for all tourists when coming to Hoi An. Cua Dai beach is 4km from the ancient town, so moving there is very easy. You can choose a motorbike, car, bus, taxi or even bicycle to get to the beach.

In addition, you can participate in many interesting activities such as swimming, sunbathing to let go of all the worries and troubles of life. The sound of the sea breeze, the sound of waves lapping in the ears of nature will make the soul relieved. After bathing, you can go ashore to bathe in freshwater with many service points.

Where to stay? Fivitel Hoi An Hotel is a fine choice for you! Restaurants, free motorbikes for guests, an outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness center are available. Besides, this hotel also offers room service and currency exchange for guests.

Cua Dai beach

Cua Dai beach


2. An Bang Beach

The distance from the old town to An Bang beach is not far, so you can completely move here by many means of transportation, even by bicycles. The beach attracts visitors with endless white sands, brilliant yellow and blue sea. As soon as you arrive here, you will feel the vitality of youth due to the appearance of simplicity with many styles along the coast. On the side of the road, colorful flowers give off the scent of bees and butterflies. This is the fishing village beach, so it seems that this place is still quite wild and rustic. You will surely be impressed with its idyllic and peaceful look, different from others.

Besides taking food and packages, guests can also choose to order from restaurants and bars, such as The Deckhouse. The menu at the restaurant is also quite diverse; you can enjoy Vietnamese dishes, local specialties, Western dishes, and many other drinks. All are cooked directly hot and decorated very eye-catching.

Spaciousness, cleanness, view, comfort- these elements are fully supplied by Aira Boutique Hoi An Hotel & Spa and Red Flower Cottage Homestay. You can pick up one and have yourself a merry holiday!

An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach


3. Cham Island (Cu Lao Cham)

Cu Lao Cham Island is a biosphere reserve with fresh air and charming scenery. Currently, Cu Lao Cham tourism is mainly traveling by canoe to the island. Canoeing is so much fun as you will fly on the waves and immerse yourself in nature. Only 15 minutes and all you need is handy!

Time for swimming, resting, having fun on the sea, and above all, spending the night on the fine white sand and listening to the waves crashing is flying to your heart. Something special will be marked in your mind!

Don't suppose that there is the only beach on the island! There is another site for you- a small museum that will provide you a comprehensive view of the life, culture, and customs of the ancient people living on the island. Many artifacts related to the island's history and traditions have been displayed for a long time.

Not only be active when the sun shines, but the island is also busy at night. You can rent arches to sleep overnight under the starry night. If you come on the occasion of the festival, don't let yourself miss the chance to enjoy a campfire organized by young people. For young couples who want to have a romantic feeling, nothing is more charming than dancing in the light of the fire.

Cham island in Hoi An

Cham island in Hoi An


4. Ha My Beach

Another place for those who consider the matter of distance! The beach is only 7 km from the Ancient Town. Thanks to its location, you can have a nice trip without worries about accommodation or means of transport.

It will be unforgettable for those who have been to this landmark. The moment of wandering under the coconut trees to see the peaceful and relaxing natural scenery in front of you. The best thing is that instead of being lost in the crowded stream, you can relax in harmony with nature, heaven, and clouds.

At dawn, visitors can wake up early to welcome the morning sunlight. The sun slowly rose from the sea, and in the distance were small sails. An extremely beautiful scene of nature that you can fully feel when coming to this site. If you want, you can rent a lounger and umbrella right on the beach to relax and enjoy the scenery. The beach has rows of unspoiled coconut trees, shading people from the harsh sun of Central Vietnam.

Find somewhere to stay? Welcome to Little Riverside Hoi An. You can offer all standards.

Ha My beach Hoi An

Ha My beach


5. Hidden Beach

Why do we call it the Hidden Beach? As it is tucked away between Cua Dai and An Bang. From the center of an ancient town, it only takes 10 minutes by taxi. However, most tourists choose to rent bicycles, or motorbikes, to run along the deserted country road and reach this endless blue beach.

The fine white sand beach stretching nearly 4km, the clear blue water, and the quiet, whispering animals are the special features of this beach. This is the familiar place of local people, and there are almost no artificial effects from modernization, so the scene is still very natural and familiar.

One thing that you shouldn't miss is the scene of sunrise. When the sun is not too bright in the morning, the beach looks closest and most lovely. Visitors will easily see children playing and catching wind cuffs, older adults talking to each other, and in the distance, the basket boats of fishers are bobbing between the waves.

As we have recommended that the hidden beach is in the middle of other sites, hotels or other service points are no longer a problem!

Hidden beach Hoi An

Hidden beach


6. Binh Minh Beach

The route to Binh Minh will not make visitors hesitate to move as the beach is quite near the city of Tam Ki. There are stretches of golden sand; the sand on Binh Minh beach is whiter. It is still quite wild, so you will find a quiet calm, which is also different from the lively Hoi An beach by tourists and noisy by the times when the waves hit the shore. At Binh Minh beach, you will not easily find resorts or services for beach tourists as rich as Hoi An, but instead a truly peaceful scene of a calm sea.

Binh Minh beach Hoi An

Binh Minh beach


Tips to have a wonderful Hoi An beach vacation

  • You should also ask the price in advance to avoid the issue of ripping off if shopping anywhere; although this doesn't happen much in Hoi An, it's still best to be careful.
  • Dress neatly, by fine customs and traditions when visiting relics or museums of the Vietnamese people. Do not push, jostle or laugh loudly in crowded areas to avoid affecting others.
  • Hoi An is most beautiful on the occasion of the full moon or traditional New Year, so it is also very crowded with tourists at this time. It is best to book a hotel in Hoi An in advance to be most ready for the trip.

Quickly prepare your luggage to discover the most beautiful beaches in Hoi An! There is no more hesitation to take back your decision. It's time to see what is worth the summer holiday! Now it's time for you to look for the best Hoi An tours.

Dang Minh Anh

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