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[HOT] Thailand officially opens to worldwide tourists

December 09, 2020 - 65 views

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Thailand still open to tourists from all over the world with special health control solutions.

According to the Bangkok Post, the Thailand government decided to open the border and welcome international tourists from this morning (9th December 2020) through the program of Special Tourist Visa (STV). Previously, this program was only applied to tourists from low epidemic-risk countries; now, it is opened for all travelers, regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic situation in their countries.

Deputy Government Spokeswoman – Mrs. Rachada Dhnadirek affirmed that the deregulation is a step forward to boost the tourism industry, pull it out of the recession – a consequence of the epidemic. The adjustment was also due to the bad result of the previous STV campaign’s strict rules: only 825 visitors from 29 countries applied, with six foreign-registered cruises granted visas.

Thailand opens to international tourists

Thailand expects crowded streets full of international like before Covid-19

Although Thailand opens to everyone, international tourists who want to visit this country still have to experience a 14-day mandatory quarantine, including 7 days of isolation in hotel rooms only, and the next 7 days allow to move around the hotel ground. you must have a negative test result for Covid-19 three times to travel freely on a Special Tourist Visa (STV). With this visa, tourists can stay in Thailand for 90 days, which can be extended 2 times, each additional 90 days for 2000 baht/time (about USD 67 / time).

Accordingly, international guests who want to travel or work in Thailand in the near future must meet the visa application condition, immigration procedures, and register with the Special Tourist Visa Agency (STV). If the visa is approved and has enough quarantine days, negative test times, you can travel in Thailand from now until the latest directive is available.


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