How to Buy a Bus Ticket in Thailand

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Here is what you need to know about the bus ticket in Thailand

Thailand has many attractions and activities that many travelers want to experience. They want to travel through it, visit cities, temples, beaches, and sightseeing. But what could be better than traveling to a large country like Thailand? Well, this might surprise you, but most tourists and locals travel around Thailand by bus.

1. Is it safe to travel around Thailand?

To be honest, going by bus to some Asian countries can be intimidating if a madman gets behind the wheel, running at full speed along narrow and uneven roads. Fortunately, in Thailand, it is safe to take the bus. Suburban and public city buses are typically a bit dated and uncomfortable and are therefore only suitable for short-distance travel.

At the same time, private companies offer trips on newer buses that are in good condition and are continuously serviced, thus making them more suitable for traveling over long distances. In these buses, the seats are comfortable, the air conditioning is available. As a rule, bus drivers maintain a safe speed of 60-70 km/h depending on the type of road and road conditions.

How to Buy a Bus Ticket in Thailand

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2. Where to buy bus tickets?

There are many ways to buy Thai bus tickets. First, you can buy a bus ticket at the bus stop or contact a travel agency right in the city where you are. Alternatively, you can buy tickets online through reliable online travel agents. And while it is fairly straightforward for a seasoned tourist to buy a ticket at a bus stop, a person arriving in Thailand for the first time may be a bit scared or unsure of what he is buying. Also, in places like Khao San Street, Bangkok, you might come across an unscrupulous agent, keep this in mind.

For the reasons described above, we recommend using the services of reliable online travel agents. Buying tickets online is much easier because you can explore all the options available, read reviews from other travelers, and just then book your tickets. Alternatively, if you run into any issues or need to change your reservation, you can turn to a large company for help.

buying bus ticket at the airport in Thailand

Buying a bus ticket at the airport in Thailand

3. Fares for each type of bus in Thailand

In Thailand, there are many types of buses, each with a different number of trips with different lengths and destinations. Therefore, you should prepare a map before deciding to take a bus to Thailand.
Most buses (except night buses) will run from 05:00 am to 23:00 pm each day.

Here are some types of buses for your reference and choose the most suitable bus:

  • The regular bus costs $ 0.22 (red car) and $ 0.25 (blue and white car).
  • The express bus costs $ 0.27 baht.
  • Air-conditioned bus (bus equipped with air conditioning) costs from $ 0.28 - 0.6 (depending on the distance traveled) - dark blue car.
  • Night bus (red) costs $ 0.25 baht.
  • Standard bus EURO II (orange-yellow) costs $ 0.38 - 0.7 depending on the distance traveled

How to Buy a Bus Ticket in Thailand

Bus to Pattaya

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