How to Negotiate for a Better Tuk-tuk Price in Thailand

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Traveling on a Tuk-tuk is one of the interesting things to do in Thailand. It is something you should try at least once during your travel to Thailand. The price for a tuk-tuk ride can be higher than a taxi, therefore, do not forget to negotiate for a better price. The article below includes some tips for you. Hope that it will help. 

Tuk-tuks or samlor (3-wheeled) is a popular & convenient vehicle to get around in Thailand before the takeover of BTS, MRT, and colorful taxis. It is practical, fun, and new to you, and the price for the tuk-tuk is the same or even higher than a meter taxi. Tuk-tuk drivers always ask for a higher rate than normal, therefore never use tuk-tuk without bargaining. You may be unfamiliar with negotiating especially when in a new country like Thailand. Do not worry, pay attention to bellow tips for negotiating for a Better Tuk-tuk Price in Thailand, you will become a master.

How to Negotiate for a Better Tuk-tuk Price in Thailand

Tuk-tuk in Thailand

1. Have an approximate price in your mind

Normally, to have a good price for anything, you need to know an approximate price for the product. To Negotiate for a Better Tuk-tuk Price in Thailand, you should know the average price for the ride. You can ask the receptionist in the place you are staying in the price approximately so you have the price in your mind. A short tuk-tuk ride is about 150 baht (US$5) while quick journeys to the end of the road are 50 baht (US$2).

2. Shop around & play with numbers

Another good way to have the lowest price for tuk-tuk is to talk to many drivers and create a competition. You can start with the driver who gives the lowest price, you may not have to negotiate much to have the deal. Start at the lower price than you are willing to pay (At least a third of drivers starting price or less). Both you and the driver will make offers until you meet somewhere in the middle. If you both cannot agree on the price, you can walk away and find another driver. This time, you have in mind the price approximately. Remember not to give the price first in any negotiation. If the number is too low, the driver will accept it easily. If the price is too high, he may give you a look of disdain and even not want to discuss the price.

3. Don’t let the tuk-tuk driver see you are in a big group

If you are traveling in a big group, do not let the driver know. Just negotiate the price for a ride for only you. If he knows, the price will be increased instantly. Tuk Tuk drives can add on 50bath per person, but try to stay firm during negotiation. If 100 baths is a good price for one person, and you are in a group of 3 people. He will ask you to pay 200 baths. In this case, 150bath is a good price for both you and the driver.

How to Negotiate for a Better Tuk-tuk Price in Thailand

Catching a tuk tuk on street

4. Avoid tuk-tuk scam

Even though you were able to get the best price for a ride with a tuk-tuk, you may have to pay more because of some scam. So pay attention to bellow scams and avoid them:
• Tuk-tuk drivers ask you to pay more for petrol in rush hours. Do not do that
• Tuk-tuk drivers offer you a ride with cheap price. But you will be going to past a lot of shops and you will be forced to come in. Do not waste money on fake items in the shops.
• Tuk-tuk drivers tell some places are closed and they bring you to other places where you are forced to buy something.

5. Keep you cool during the negotiation

In any negotiation, you may care for the results more than anything else, and you forget about the way you talk to others. Do not get angry or frustrated while bargaining. Keep you cool and smile will help you get the desired price. Otherwise, you look ridiculous and drivers refuse to talk to you.

How to Negotiate for a Better Tuk-tuk Price in Thailand

Beautiful tuk-tuks on streets in Bangkok

Using all tips above, I am sure you will be able to get the best price for a tuk-tuk in Thailand. Now it is time to explore Thailand, hope you have a great time there.

Jenny Tran

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