Htilominlo Temple

Built in 1218 with 46-meter in height during the reign of King Htilominlo, Htilominlo is known as the last Myanmar-style temple in Bagan. This beautiful temple also has alternate names Zeya Theinkha or Nadaungmyar. Locating about 1.5km to the south, Htilominlo is best known as an iconic temple in Myanmar.

Htilominlo temple was constructed at the exactly same spot where Htilominlo was selected as the next crown prince out of five sons of King Narapati Sithu. Back then, this was one of the strangest ways to choose a King by… an umbrella. Five princes had to stood next to each other making a circle, and in the middle, there was a white umbrella. When the umbrella bent down, pointed straight at Htilominlo, that means he was chosen to be the new King.

 Htilominlo Temple

Htilominlo Temple


In the use of red bricks covered by white stucco as plasterwork, this Temple was built along with Sulamani Pahto and Gawdawpalin Temples by Narapati Sithu - the previous King, no wonder they look similar in architecture. Htilominlo is topped with the iconic ornament tower called sikhara, but the only thing makes this Temple different from the Ananda is that these sikharas are not gold-plated. There are four gilded Buddhas on both floors, each one facing each side of the Temple with different facial expressions. Inside, the doorways leading to the inner sanctuary reflect clearly how meticulous and complex Myanmar are in carving reliefs, also there are some old horoscopes can be found painted on the walls to protect the whole structure from damage.

 Red bricks covered by white stucco Htilominlo Temple

Red bricks covered by white stucco


To respect the Buddha worship and fully enjoy this exquisite Temple with historic and aesthetic details, you will have to take off your shoes and walk in barefoot. Hot air balloon is another wise way to appreciate this phenomenal masterpiece. You can buy local stuffs for your friends and relatives from many souvenir shops around.

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