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Kep is a new province of Cambodia. Despite being small in size, Kep gradually gains its popularity for being a rising tourist attraction with a host of key features such as cool seasides, bizarre mountainous areas along with big seafood markets. Visiting Kep Butterfly Farm here is always recommended as a must for a wonderful trip to indulge in a true taste of Cambodia nature.

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Kep Butterfly Farm is a small and lovely flower-filled garden located in the Jasmine Valley.  This is one of the newest spots in southern Cambodia. The farm is not too touristic yet so it looks like an ideal choice for visitors looking for an idyllic and quiet destination. Actually, Kep Butterfly Farm is the sanctuary of a vast number of different kinds of butterflies coming from many parts of Cambodia and other lands outside Cambodia’s borders. A meaningful story of establishing the farm that not only for preserving the local environment but also creating more employment opportunities for local inhabitants around this ecological garden.

Information Board Of ButterflyInformation board of butterflies in the garden

Tourists visiting here will all get dazzled with a true scene of nature which is a perfect combination of countless colorful flowers and butterflies. Going around to look for amusement and breathing under the fresh air in the peaceful Kep Butterfly Farm let you forget all the hustle and bustle of urban life. Once being on the butterfly farm, you can freely enjoy getting close to nature at your own pace. You can take wonderful pictures to store joyful moments with numerous lovely creatures flying around that can even accentuate the background. Bringing your children is a good idea as they may love playing with butterflies much. The staffs running Kep Butterfly Farm are very friendly and professional that they welcome all your concern and inquiries about the butterflies and everything inside the farm. They will be glad to show you the amazing and informative life-cycle of butterflies with different growth stages to transform a caterpillar into a real butterfly. Moreover, you will understand how the caterpillars are kept and what the staffs often use to feed them. Spending time in the garden can truly provide you with endless fun and relief.

Butterfly WormDo you dare to touch these lovely worms?

For transportation, you are suggested visiting Kep Butterfly Farm by tuk-tuk since the road leading to the farm is very long, dirt, and rough. You may also get lost easily as there are hardly any signposts along with the ways, but it is still approachable for having a tuk-tuk trip with a fully experienced driver. If you are a real challenger, you can hire a motorbike previously then follow the route on Google Map to get to the farm. Be aware of some confusing things on Google Map as it may lead you to the wrong route. The farm’s opening hours are from 7 AM to 8 PM. You must pay a small entrance fee ranging from 1 to 2 USD to get inside the farm. According to most visitors, the garden is truly worth that price!

There are still many appealing spots in Kep out there, but it is a real mistake not giving Kep Butterfly Farm a stay. Come here to immerse yourself in a natural setting from heaven that you never regret!

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