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If you are going to book a place at Kep Province for your upcoming Cambodia trip, there are many famous destinations you can consider ranging from Crab Market, Rabbit Island, or Kep Butterfly Farm. However, if you have already been bored with all of these options, Kep National Park appears as a prime option for you to participate in wonderful walking and trekking while admiring picturesque scenery around the park.

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Kep National Park located in Kep Province is among the prestigious parks in Cambodia. The park earns its significance as a must-go spot for both domestic and international visitors longing for a perfect natural tourism destination. Built-in 1993, Kep National Park covers 50 square kilometers with favorable conditions for outside activities. For wannabe explorers, it is highly recommended that you should not attempt too much to roll out of bed early to take a morning hike. That decision may be very challenging as it will lead you to feel sore feet that harm your all-day trip at Kep National Park.

Everyone can easily enter Kep National Park through two ways; the first and the main entrance lies behind Veranda Natural Resort while the second one is a smaller access point behind Kep Lodge. Despite the fact that there is no security manner on the second gate, but you should not get through there because a ranger will soon notice your appearance and charge you an entrance fee later on. The entrance fee generally starts at 1 USD for foreign visitors coming to Kep National Park.

Around the park is a traffic system including a total of 8 kilometers of trail. If you just take a half-day trip to Kep National Park, it will be better to ride a motorbike around the park to save time. On the contrary, a full-day trip will be more fun with trekking to explore the park more deeply at your own pace. Do not forget to pay Led Zep Café a visit during your trekking to take a break as well as read the history of the park there.

Trekking In Kep

Trekking to fully discover the park is a common option for most visitors

Alongside the road are clear signposts that help you avoid getting lost. Notice yellow signs because they are essential elements that point the way to you. After passing Led Zep Café, you can opt to follow the main trail of the road system inside the park or interior trails to continue your trekking journey. If you are a professional trekker, you may find it quite easy to conquer the trails. However, starters should be careful when taking the trails since they are a bit steep and slippery. When you break your limit, you can be offered a real taste of Cambodian wildlife with a number of animals such as squirrels, birds, and monkeys.

Kep National Park Map

Pay attention to the road map in Kep National Park to get the right way to your dream spots

There are a host of amazing places along the trail worth your quick stopover when you are walking around Kep National Park. Some of them can be listed here: Little Buddha, Phnom Kep, and Sunset Rock. If you take an interest in watching the sun go down, you must visit Sunset Rock as it will provide you with spectacular sunset views over the town and coastline. If you are heading onto the Nun’s Center, be aware of some angry dogs. Although they will not harm you unless you make them feel unsafe, it is advisable to change to another way to avoid facing these dogs especially for people scared of dogs. From the Nun’s Center, visitors can go back to some concretes steps at the bottom to move on to the main road. In this way, you will see some old villas with bizarre architectures. You need to make a decision before going on to this route since this was utterly the hottest part of the trip due to no shades. Except for several unshaded paths as mentioned above, most of the paths during your trekking will be facilitated with a canopy that keeps you shaded.

There are some tips you should bear in mind for a great trip to Kep National Park. The first advice is to bring plenty of water since there are hardly any convenience stores along the trail inside Kep National Park. You also need to wear shoes to protect your foot on your trip to discover the park. Another tip for travelers expecting a perfect trip to watch the sunset is to prepare some mosquito repellent and a flashlight on the way back to the gathering point. In addition, it is of extreme need to research at home before your trip to the park to avoid traveling there on Khmer holiday. If you get to the park these days, the service is likely to be poor to badly affects your whole travel experience.

All in all, a visit to Kep National Park in Kep Province of Cambodia is a must for any to have a real close to the nature of the wonderland Cambodia. Kep National Park promises to be a perfect choice to offer visitors breath-taking scenery, exciting outdoor activities, and a lot of amazing remaining things waiting for you to indulge in.

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Kep National Park Map

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