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Koh Dach

Koh Dach island is an easy day trip destination not far away from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is home to a large silk weaving community, and visitors can enjoy the plentiful of activities on this serene and laid-back island located on the banks of Mekong River.

The entire area of Koh Dach island covers 30 square kilometers of land lying on the shores of the Mekong River. For those who have paid a visit to the Killing Fields or Choeung Ek Genocidal Center in Phnom Penh and left with feelings of sadness, Koh Dach island is a peaceful unwinding attraction. It is the place to take a break from the hectic life in the city and center on the more life-affirming, pleasant aspects of Cambodia. Koh Dach island is not too far from Phnom Penh center, however, it seems like a world away where local life is much slower.

Koh Dach island

View of the island from above.

Traditional silk weaving community

Koh Dach Cambodia, also known as "Silk Island", is named after its community of silk-making artisans and a variety of workshops onsite. While in Siem Reap, travelers can learn about the silk weaving process by visiting Angkor Silk Farm, those in Phnom Penh can take this opportunity at Koh Dach.

Koh Dach Silk Island is home to the prideful silk weaving culture that can captivate those who are eager to learn about different cultures. Cambodia has a long tradition of silk weaving that dates back to the pre-Angkorian period. This form of craft is declining due to the scarcity of silk yarn but attempts are being made to rekindle and revitalize the tradition.

Just a couple minutes' drive from the ferry arrival point, there is a big silk weaving center. You should expect to pay a fee of 1$ to visit the factory. There is an English-speaking guide who will show you around for 30 minutes.

Visitors can get an insight into the entire silk weaving process, from silkworms inhabiting mulberry trees to skillful artisans dyeing, weaving, and adding finishing touches to make an array of fabrics and silk accessories on Koh Dach Silk Island. You can also take this opportunity to bring home premium souvenirs and support the islanders. Shops sell a range of products made of silk, from home decorations to scarves and ties.

Koh Dach silk weaving cambodia

Explore the time-consuming process of silk weaving and see how artisans come to the desired pattern.

Aside from silk weaving, Koh Dach Phnom Penh is known for the handicraft society, who engages in pottery, making jewelry, woodcarving and more, all notable aspects of Cambodian artistic culture. In addition to silk, Koh Dach island's rich agricultural heritage is easily seen with the greens of rice plants and buffalos on the paddy fields as you move closer to the river banks. The villagers grow fresh crops and fruit products, such as corn, bananas, and sesame. It is one of the many ways they make an income.

A perfect location for relaxation and recreation

A trip to Koh Dach island should not only dedicate to visiting the silk weaving center as you would miss out the plentiful activities here. You can easily spend half a day exploring nature and getting to know islanders' lives on the 30-kilometer-wide island.

As the island inhabitants run small businesses, there is a wide range of shops you can visit along the way. There is only one market for local people, selling produce and daily necessities. If you are interested in finding out about the villagers' lives at Koh Dach Cambodia, you can visit the rustic villages and see locals going on about their day on the island. You will get to see the country on another level of intimacy and with a different perspective from other tourist attractions. For those who like fishing, try your hand at catching a Mekong River fish.

Koh Dach

Local life at Koh Dach Island, Phnom Penh.

Fancy a swim on a river on a hot summer day? It is also easy to try this activity with the instructions of islanders nearby. In the summer, you can also swim at the beach in the northern part of Koh Dach Cambodia. There, picnic huts and food stalls are offered. The entrance fee for the beach is 2000 riels (less than 1$). After that, consider eating lunch at a Cambodian restaurant or getting a refresher drink at the center's cafe while appreciating the peaceful scenery. Many riverside diners have floor seats with low tables, as seen in Asian countries. Some have hammocks that are tempting to linger at for a while.

Koh Dach island Cambodia

Koh Dach beach's pristine beauty

Whatever activity you choose to do, Koh Dach Phnom Penh will be a suitable destination for anyone looking for peace and tranquility. The island is the perfect venue for an excursion outside of the city without traveling too far away and also enables you to experience the country’s authentic culture at its best.

There are different ways to get around on Koh Dach island, but the most popular and convenient is riding a bicycle through the beautiful orchards, quaint farmland, and sleepy villages. Walking is also possible, but you will not have as much time for activities. Bikes can be rented at the ferry arrival point for the day for a couple of dollars, or you can hire one from the mainland and take it on a tuk-tuk. Roads are definitely not as busy as in Phnom Penh, so it is easy to cycle along the single lane without being worried about heavy traffic or the overload of vehicles.

Koh Dach biking tour

Cycle through the village and appreciate the authentic beauty of nature.

The island is located on National Road 6. The easiest way to reach the island is to get a tuk-tuk to drive you across the Japanese Bridge and along Road 6 and arrive at the ferry terminal. Koh Dach ferry price is 10$. A tuk-tuk ride including the ferry crossing will cost about 25$ to 35$ depending on your negotiating skills.

If you would like to spend the night on this charming island, there are guesthouses and homestays available, the most luxurious option being Le Kroma Villa Koh Dach, which offers a swimming pool and modern rooms. BestPrice can assist you with questions about Koh Dach accommodation as well as places to stay during your visit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


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Bonjour. Nous sommes 2 personnes françaises, actuellement sur phnom penh. Nous souhaitons aller une journée sur koh dach l'île de la soie. Pouvez-vous nous donner les tarifs pour la traversée en Ferry ? Merci d'avance.


Bonjour. Les prix du ferry/bateau sont variés et peuvent être différents en raison de la distance à parcourir et de votre capacité à négocier. La fourchette peut être d'environ 10 $ à 35 $ ou plus.

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