Koh Ukgnatey Phnom Penh

Koh Ukgnatey is a weaving village in the outskirt of Phnom Penh Capital, Cambodia. This village belongs on a small island called Ukgnatey, just next to Koh Dach island, which is usually included in the same bike tour. Cycling is the most common way of getting to and around Koh Ukgnatey, so grab your bike and helmet and embark on the path of beautiful nature as well as exploring the locals' daily activities!

The island nearby, Koh Dach, offer some accommodations which make it convenient to explore the weaving villages. To get to the Cambodian island Koh Ukgnatey, tourists cycle to the ferry port next to Diamond Island and take a boat to Ukgnatey Island. From there, you can bike around and meet with the small community living there. You will be rewarded with an insight into daily village life, silk-weaving in action, and animals living together in open spaces. There are large trees and fields on the biking route. All create a peaceful atmosphere, a tranquil getaway off the tourist track from the bustier streets of Phnom Penh. Still, visitors can experience the local and authentic feeling of belonging. You may catch some places selling souvenirs, though there are not a lot of options.

silk weaving

Silk-weaving is an age-old tradition in some Asia regions, requiring specific technique

A short bike trip to Koh Ukgnatey during your trip to Phnom Penh is an amazing opportunity to relax and enjoy the serenity of the countryside life while also learning about the silk-weaving process. It will take half a day at best and is perfect for travelers who look for a quieter holiday and want to engage with locals.

Tip: You should visit Koh Ukgnatey in the morning and head back before lunch to avoid the heat, especially during the summer.

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