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Lac Village Mai Chau

Mai Chau Valley is approximately 150km from Hanoi. Lac Village is located in Chieng Mai Commune and far from Mai Chau’s centre about 1km. Coming Lac village, you will enjoy fully in daily life of ethnic people with poetic sightseeing and folk songs.

Lac village has been exsited for 700 years and it is the place of special traditional cultures of Thai people. There are 5 main big families living in the village: Ha, Lo, Vi, Mac, Loc. Recently, the beautiful of Lac village are discovered, hence not only gain their life from agriculture and weaving, but local people also concentrate on contribute the village become a touristing destination.

Lac Village

Lac Village

The houses here are restored to become more comfortable for visitors and many good services also are offered.

Similar to some other villages of ethnic people in this area, Lac village also treats visitors the beautiful sightseeing of imposing mountains, vast rice fields stretch until the horizon and a range of stilt house lies silently among the peaceful atmosphere.

However, the feature that attracts visitors the most is homestay. Do not miss a chance to get an overnight here in homestay. Then, tourists will enjoy clearly the everyday life of local people. Stilt houses in the village are quite large and high. Its floor is made from bamboo, palm leaf roofs, and they still maintain the ancient traditional architectures of Thai people.

Biking Around The Village

Biking Around The Village

In the evening, tourists enjoy the folk dance, folk songs of that are accompanied by gong music. After those traditional activities, visitors will taste a range of unforgettable delicious food such as steamed fishes, grilled chicken, lam rice, etc.

Lac Village Map

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I am interested in visiting Mai Chau and especially the villages of Lac VIllage and Poom Coong from Hanoi. How many days and how much does it cost for a double and for a single. November 7

@Adriana Henderson:

For visiting village in Mai Chau, it take at least 2 days ahead, we can send you suggestion itinerary via email.

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