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In the vicinity of Sapa Town, there is a market taken place every Saturday night and called “Love Market” (Vietnamese: Cho Tinh). Besides the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other necessary commodities, Love Market was once the ideal dating place of many ethnic girls and boys, where emotions and love can be shared between the beloved ones.

Cho Tinh - Love MarketCho Tinh - Love MarketCho Tinh - Love MarketHmong men playing traditional fluteLove MarketLove MarketLove MarketLove MarketLove MarketLove Market

Once upon a time:

For Love Market, every Saturday the local tribes people would make their ways from the mountains into Sapa town for the evenings festivities. Women would bring their handicrafts in and display them in a show of weaving or dressmaking skill. Men would bring their musical instruments. The displays and performances would ignite a spark of interest between them for later meetings, following their tribal codes. For youngster, the girls would cover their faces gently, softly singing a romantic song in their ethnic languages whenever seeing a stranger on their way. Boys and girls would then cluster together in groups of five to ten, looking and smiling at each other, or singing and talking through the night. If their tunes ring in harmony, they exchange gifts and make plans to see each other again. Many of them might end up happily wedded in the spring that comes next.

Love Market

Love Market

The modern presentation:

To exploding avoid flash bulbs during a serenade, lovers nowadays hid from the tourists and the love market went underground with the growth of tourism in Sapa. At night, there are elusive sounds of leaf trumpet, lip trumpet as calling for each other beyond ranges of samu trees and big rocks. However, people still keep a a representation of this very distinctive culture features here. The performances now are shown on a stage with lighting, microphone and backdrop in the middle of the public square just near the ancient Stone Church. The market is now set up to cater for the tourist needs, selling not just handicrafts and produce but also watches, toys, belts, outdoor equipment, etc.

Hmong men playing traditional flute

Hmong men playing traditional flute

Whilst no longer having the intimate atmosphere, the Love Market provides an opportunity to enjoy the cold of highlands, waiting for hot grilled potatoes, corns, grilled chicken eggs, and sipping local wine beside the burning heat of charcoal stoves.

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