Mui Ne Phan Thiet

Located in Binh Thuan Province and far from the Phan Thiet’s centre 24km, Mui Ne is famous because of its beautiful sightseeing, fishing villages and sand dunes. Besides, coming to Mui Ne, visitors also are offered various good services for their relaxed p

General information
From the centre of Phan Thiet, it takes about more than 20km to reach Mui Ne. On the way to Mui Ne, visitors can stop for a while to visit Ca Ty river, Phan Thiet waterfall, Phan Thiet market.
In terms of its name "Mui Ne", in Vietnamese "mui" means "peak" and "ne" means "avoid". According to local people, the destination was named like this because when the fishmen are on the sea and storms coming, they usually drive the boat to Mui Ne to take refuge here.
Mui Ne

Mui Ne

Beautiful landscapes to visit
In Mui Ne, an attraction that you should not miss is Mui Ne beach. It is the perfect combination of shallow beach, blue sea and soft sand and adorned with spread of trees. Mui ne beach is considered the best location for kite boarding and wind surfing because of good conditions. Mui Ne has strong consistent cross- onshore winds and lowest rainfall in Vietnam; hence tourists can enjoy fully water sports with the supporting of nice weather.

Vietnamese Fishing Vessels In Mui Ne

Vietnamese Fishing Vessels In Mui Ne

However, an unforgettable highlight of Mui ne is vast sand dunes and they are also considered a symbol of Binh Thuan Province. Under sunshine and effects of cool wind, dunes of white sand mixed gold sand ripple and change different shapes. That creates strange natural phenomenon here and helps Mui Ne become more glamorous and attractive.

Besides, Mui Ne includes many other sites such as ancient buildings of Cham people, which was built in 8th century, maverlous waterfalls. Tourists will have interesting experience when visit and participate in local markets and fishing harbor in Mui Ne. Here they are charmed by the lively picture of bustling daily life of fishermen.

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