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Muong Hum Market is a fair in the upland district of Bat Xat - Lao Cai, which is held every Sunday, about 44km from Lao Cai city. This is also considered a very special highland market in Lao Cai.

Muong Hum Market is located next to a stream, next to a small valley, surrounded by mountain ranges. Muong Hum Market is a place to exchange, meet, buy and sell and entertain of H'Mong, Ha Nhi, Hoa, Dao Do, Giay, Dao Tuyen and Han ethnic groups and as a place for boys and girls dating and confession, etc. Inside the market is a bustling scene, noisy, interspersed among colorful costumes of the H’Mong girls, Ha Nhi people and Red Dao, etc. All made a unique beauty of fair market in the North highland.

Muong Hum Market

Muong Hum Market

On weekdays, everyone coming here wants to watch the charming scenery of Muong Hum, but when the market is opened, the eye-catching scene is the stream flowing through the market. On the banks of the stream, the horses gather by the stream with many colors of feathers waiting for the owner to enter the market. The suspension bridge and stone bridge across the stream is always filled with locals and horses.

The Colorful Clothes Of Ethnic Minority

The Colorful Clothes Of Ethnic Minority

In this noisy and busy market, visitors could not help admiring the colorful clothes of ethnic minority girls. The girls and boys from many villages go to the market not only to buy and sell but also want to have fun, find partners, so everyone dress-up very beautifully to attend the festival. H'Mong girls wear a wig made of colorful yarn-dyed looking like a flower blooming. The red Dao costume is indigo-colored clothes decorated with patterns on their chest and wears red scarves with lots of silver jewelry. Even the Dzao babies, although they can be carried on their mothers' backs, are also taken care of by their mothers, their clothes and hats are being interested in many tourists.

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