Muong Khuong Market

Located close to the border of Vietnam and China in the Northeast and only 8km from Muong Khuong border gate (Lao Cai), Muong Khuong market is the largest market in Muong Khuong district, opening every Sunday morning. Almost locals here are mainly Nung, Mong and Thai people.

Clothing, brocade dresses and fabrics are a feature of many highland markets. The clothes, dresses, bags, etc. with several of brightly colored fabrics are sold with numerous jewelry being the typical beauty of the ethnic groups, in the Northwestern mountains.

Muong Khuong Market

Muong Khuong Market

A specialty at every Muong Khuong market is the cans filled with corn wine that locals bring here to sell. Many tourists when passing through the rows of wine shops are joking with each other that: "Just need tasting the whole range of wine, a small cup in each store will be enough to drunken." It is also quite cheap, only about 20,000 VND / liter. Corn wine tasted special, it smelled of corn, pungent but also has smooth aftertaste.
Coming to Muong Khuong, it is impossible to ignore the hot peppers, dried chilies and chili sauce. It would be incomplete if anyone visit Muong Khuong fair but did not buy a bottle of chili sauce as a souvenir. Muong Khuong Market is located close to the border of trade with China, so the market also has a large number of items originating from China, diverse designs, consumer goods, food, machines, labor tools, etc.

Muong Khuong Dried Chilies And Chili Sauce Are Very Famous

Muong Khuong dried chilies and chili sauce are very famous

It also sells a myriad of cardamom, medicinal herbs, etc. such as tam that tubers, ventricular flower buds, star anise, cinnamon, etc. and folk medicine of the ethnic groups here. These stores attract the many visitors to the Muong Khuong Market, because they want to buy as gifts or a traditional medicine to support their healing.
Nowadays, highland markets have been and being a unique tourism style that always attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and explore.

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