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Local Transportation In Myanmar

December 14, 2023 - 2056 views

Transportation in Myanmar is usually described as a combination of slowness and loudness. However, once you visit the country, it's part of your excursion. Local peoples use different means of transport, giving you various choices of types and prices. In general, moving inside the country is quite convenient. Our article will provide an overview of Myanmar transportation so you can choose your suitable options.

Myanmar Transportation

1. Facts about Myanmar transportation

There's a long list of transportation in Myanmar, helping tourists easily travel inside the country. Except for some border areas and regions where conflict between the government and ethnic minority groups exists, such as large swathes of Shan and Kachin states, don't allow visitors to come, you can easily move between popular destinations such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, and Inle Lake. 

The most popular means of transport are buses, trains, planes, bikes, and trishaw. The number of public Myanmar transportation has increased dramatically in the last few years. Thus, it comes with its own set of problems. The country's infrastructure requires a lot of investments to improve the quality, especially roads and railway systems. Road travel in Yangon has also become three times slower in the recent year. 

Yet, the price tag of the transportation is fairly cheap. Tourists still enjoy the traveling experience inside the country as it's fun and memorable.

2. Types of transportation in Myanmar


Trishaw is a Myanmar-style 3-wheel vehicle similar to cyclos in Vietnam, Laos, or Cambodia. However, instead of the customer seat in front of the driver, the trishaw has seats for 2 passengers. Passengers will sit back to back and on the driver's left hand. 

This Myanmar transportation is considered the slowest and least comfortable means of transport. However, it's a second-to-none experience for foreign visitors. You just need to spend around 10$ to 20$ (depending on the distance), which is 2-3 times cheaper than going by taxi, to enjoy a short city tour. You can take half a day for this interesting cyclo tour to feel the city's vibrancy through each wheel's rotation.

Myanmar Cyclo - Trishaw

Myanmar Cyclo: Trishaw


Besides Myanmar Airways, this small country has 11 more airlines. Among them, Air Mandalay and Asian Wings are claimed to have newer planes, bringing customers a more pleasing experience. 

It's convenient to fly from Yangon, the country's main and busiest international airport, to other destinations. The airport offers 10 flights daily to Mandalay, more than 7 flights to Bagan, and 9 to Heho (near Inle Lake). Depending on the route, it will take you one or one hour and a half to travel, and the cost is from $60 to $100 one way.  

Though airplanes are quite reliable transportation in Myanmar, you may face the risk of cancellation if the route is less popular. The suggestion here is to be cautious while booking connecting and transfer flights to avoid unwarning delays. 

Flying Is Another Method Of Myanmar Transportation

Flying Is Another Method Of Myanmar Transportation


Another popular transportation in Myanmar is trains. If you love to witness the beautiful natural scenery and emerge in local life on the way, you can take a train. Some of the common train routes go to famous destinations such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, and Inle Lake. The trains are classified into different classes, from wooden seats to sleeper compartments. The prices vary from $10 to $25, depending on routes and types.

The downsides of this means of transport are it's slower than buses (only 14 km/h), the compartments are hot and crowded, the hygiene conditions are highly in doubt, and it's possible to have a long delay.

Train Is Popular In Myanmar

Train Is Popular In Myanmar

Car, Taxi, and Bus

Apart from trains, you have another choice to take a bus for long-distance travel. Buses are usually cheaper and a better option to save budget. Buses also run through the night to save time and bring you to your desired destinations. Some even offer drinks and snacks. If you want to have a more comfortable experience, the expected price will be from $12 to $19 with higher-class services.

If you wish for convenient transportation in Myanmar to move around the cities, consider taking a taxi. However, it's mostly available in Yangon only. In Mandalay, taxis are much less and much more expensive due to the availability of motorbike taxis. Taxis in Yangon are many and cheap. They will pass by you slowly and make a beep to suggest a drive.

Hiring a car is not ideal in the country, yet booking a car and driver through your hotel or travel agencies is possible. The expected price will be about $40/day.

Get On A Bus If You Want A Long Travel

Get On A Bus If You Want A Long Travel


If your schedule is not tight, the boat is a Myanmar transportation option. Unlike the noise and crowd of the train, taking a boat offers you a quiet and peaceful atmosphere to enjoy the stunning landscape on the way. Locals usually travel by slow boats that depart in the early morning. Yet, popular routes for tourists through busy destinations are operated by express boats.

Express boats come with higher prices but are still affordable. There are also boutique river cruises, offering comfortable private cabins and high-class hotel quality.

Traveling On Water Is An Affordable Way

Traveling On Water Is An Affordable Way In Myanmar

Bike and Motorcycle

Another must-be-mentioned transportation in Myanmar is bikes and motorcycles. If your international driving license is accepted, you can hire a bike. However, there are numerous hazards while driving. 

You can face heavy traffic in the cities and poor road conditions in the rural areas. Plus, most cars here are right-handed, and people drive on the right, leading to the risk of blind sports. As a motorcyclist, you should know that overtaking is not safe.

Thus, renting a bike is not really a good option unless there's none. 

Myanmar Local Transportation Motorbike And Bike

Myanmar Local Transportation: Motorbike And Bike


In short

Myanmar transportation may bring you a crowded, noisy, and somewhat crazy experience. However, taking part in the traffic is also a part of your excursion. If there's something else you want to know about Myanmar and other countries, don't hesitate to contact BestPrice Travel for more details. 

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