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Myanmar Local Transportation

August 14, 2020 - 975 views

Since foreigners are only allowed to enter Myanmar by air, getting into the country overland isn’t an option. Visitors can however get a day pass to explore any of the border towns next to Thailand, but travel into the country overland is not permitted.

For most people, the main ways to get around Myanmar are by air and bus; you can of course mix different modes of transport during your travels according to the individual journey you are taking. Which you choose will very much depend on your budget and itinerary; buses are the cheapest form of transport and some destinations can only be reached by air, for example.

1. Myanmar Flight (Airway)

To get around Myanmar, air travel is the most convenient method. Most of the main cities in the country have small airports with daily flights to the capital. Domestic flights are available to the major tourist destinations of Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle and Heho. Airlines are currently extending available routes and announcements of new destinations are made regularly.

For more romantic and scenic ways to travel in Myanmar, look no further than trains and boats.

2. Myanmr Railway

Myanmar Railways offer another interesting means of travel. Trains connect Yangon to the rest of the country, with daily runs connecting the capital and Mandalay. Further services go to Bagan and Inle Lake. The train schedules are not very convenient, with many trains departing in the early hours of the morning.

A Mandalay-Lashio Train on the famous Gokteik Viaduct in Shan State, Myanmar.

A Mandalay-Lashio Train on the famous Gokteik Viaduct in Shan State, Myanmar.

3. Myanmar Waterway

Riverboats are a slower paced but enjoyable way to travel between cities and to experience the river life of Myanmar. They give you a leisurely, fascinating and beautiful view of the country, allowing you to mix with locals while travelling. The Bhamo-Mandalay and Mandalay-Bagan routes are particularly popular and scenic, and trips are available in a number of price ranges and comfort levels. There is a great range of boats available from small, privately owned boats to large government-run ferries and multi-deck luxury cruisers.

Ferry On The Irrawaddy River, Myanmar

Ferry On The Irrawaddy River, Myanmar

4. Myanmar Buses

Buses are mostly operated by private companies. They are a faster and cheaper way than trains to get from city to city. Sleeping on an overnight bus is not an easy feat, but if you come well prepared, travel by (air-conditioned) bus is not a bad way to go.

Yangon City Bus

Yangon City Bus

5. Taxi in Myanmar

Taxis offer the easiest way to get around individual cities. Taxis come in a variety of different forms and are inexpensive and plentiful in most towns and cities. Hire cars (with driver) can be the most convenient way to get between certain destinations, although of course they come at a price. Tricycle rickshaws are available everywhere for a much lower cost than regular taxis. Some towns have quaint transport such as horse-drawn carriages, while bicycles make a fun way to explore a place at your leisure. If you plan to do some extended sightseeing, most taxis will happily hire themselves out for the day at a reasonable rate.


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