Nam Toong Sapa

Being one of the smallest villages in Sapa, Nam Toong also attracts visitors by various beauty of nature and tranquil atmosphere. However, it is also a great place to visit if you want to explore the traditional culture and everyday life of the Red Dao ethnic group because most of inhabitants here are Red Dao people.

Colorful traditional cultures
If Hmong people often choose to live in the mountains, however, the Red Dao people usually live in the valley for planting corn, rice, and cardamom easily. Visitors can identify Red Dao people through their clothes. They wear red hats, dark blue shirts adorned with the pattern of red and white flowers. Many people consider Red Dao clothes are the most beautiful in local markets in Sapa. Besides, they have their own script based on the ancient Chinese text called "Nom". But nowadays, only elders use this language.

Like other ethnic groups in Sapa, Red Dao gains their living based on agriculture and producing hand-made gifts for tourists.

Red Dao people

Red Dao people

Interesting activities
Visitors have a chance to take photos of the terraced fields, the simple silt houses lying in the valley in a peaceful atmosphere.
However, the life of ethnic people is not always silently like that. Participate in some local markets in Sapa, you enjoy deeply the bustling atmosphere here with various colorful gifts, the noise of people talking, singing and bargaining, and different goods.
Each year, Red Dao people have some special festivals like the Lunar New year; Tet Nhay festival in January; Singing festival held on 10th January. Enjoy those occasions, it seems that you are a part of ethnic people, dancing and singing together happily.

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