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Must-visit Attractions in Nha Trang

Being considered as the Tropical Paradise of Vietnam, Nha Trang has always been one of the top destinations for tourists to discover.

This place, boasting large lengths of coastline, is most renowned for its scuba diving, stunningly gorgeous beaches with the backdrop of towering rock cliffs, and a rich historical and cultural legacy that is well worth exploring.

Let's find out the most appealing attractions that you should never miss when traveling to Nha Trang.


Nha Trang is a famous spot for travelers mainly thanks to its phenomenal beaches. It features a stunning coastline with white sand beaches, crystal-clear oceans, and an abundance of vibrant marine life. This area is referred to as the South China Sea Riviera. 

Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach

The beaches in Nha Trang are dispersed around the beach resort city, offering tourists looking to soak up some sun during their trip a choice of sightseeing options as well as water sports and activities. 

The most interesting activities that you can do on Nha Trang beaches are swimming, diving, kayaking, light sports (including volleyball), parachuting, flyboarding, and surfing. Some impressive Nha Trang’s beaches are:

 - Doc Let Beach

 - Nhu Tien Beach

 - Bai Tru Beach

 - Jungle Beach

 - Hon Tam Beach

 - Tran Phu Beach



It’s a fantastic experience to go to a pristine island in Nha Trang, jump into the cool water, then explore the beauty under the sea with incredibly colorful fabulous coral reefs and lively marine creatures. The best thing is you can record this magical experience through pictures, and videos. Lots of places offer the service to record and print pictures for travelers to keep as memories.

Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island

If you are not a fan of diving, you can just chill on a boat, enjoy the wind and sunshine, and admire the beauty of the ocean and the island. In addition, some islands also provide the discovering the tropical forest tour. You can visit Monkey Island where you can take photos, feed, and play with thousands of adorable monkeys. 

Some recommended Nha Trang islands are:

 - Hon Tre Island

 - Hon Mun Islet

 - Binh Ba Island

 - Diep Son Island

 - Monkey Island

 - Whale Island



It seems like visiting a waterfall is always a good idea for nature lovers since you can not only enjoy the breathtaking views, but can also take part in other fun activities such as hiking, swimming, going on a picnic, lighting up a campfire, cliff- jumping, and fishing.

There are many beautiful waterfalls in Nha Trang that attract the majority of visitors:

 - Suoi Do Waterfall

 - Yang Bay Waterfall

 - Ta Gu Waterfall

 - Ba Ho Waterfall

 - Da Giang Stream

 - Orchid Stream

Yang Bay Waterfall

Yang Bay Waterfall

Those waterfalls indeed have a magnificent yet natural view that if you choose to hike, even though the road might be challenging and cost you some sweat, it all will be worth it once you take a look at the incredibly beautiful masterpiece background. Some small tips for you to better prepare for your trip to waterfalls are to bring comfy shoes, check the weather before you go, bring swimwear, prepare water and light snacks, etc.


Temple and Pagoda

Visiting temples and pagodas in Nha Trang is a crucial part of the trip for those who love spirituality, believe in Buddhism, and have a strong love for the religion. This is a clean, pure, and sacred space, so if you decide to come here, try your best to admire and relax because not everywhere you can find peace like this in this chaotic world.

Long Son Pagoda

Long Son Pagoda

These are sacred and holy places, so once you step foot in here, pay attention to your gestures, behaviors, words, and actions to make sure that those are polite according to the rules and regulations of these places. That also includes dressing appropriately, do not make noise to affect the atmosphere and other people.

Some suggested temples and pagodas in Nha Trang for you to visit include:

 - Long Son Temple

 - Da Bao Nha Trang Temple

 - Suoi Do Temple

 - Linh Phong Pagoda

 - Ky Vien Temple

 - Linh Son Temple

Take a look at BestPrice's suggestions below to add many of Nha Trang's worthwhile places into your visiting list. 


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