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Top 10 Sacred Nha Trang Temples and Pagodas

July 22, 2021 - 1907 views

Nha Trang city has not only beaches or verdant mountains but also famous temples with very own stories. The temples in this city are not only places of worship, keeping the imprint of Buddhism, but also attracting those who like to admire the beauty of religious architecture. Nha Trang Pagoda is a highlight for visitors worldwide, where they can calm their minds, relax, and pray for their families. If you are planning, don't forget to add famous Nha Trang pagodas & temples to the list of attractions. 

1. Long Son Pagoda (White Buddha Pagoda)

Built in the 19th century, with many restorations and rebuilt in 1940, Long Son Pagoda has architectural and sculptural art with bold modern imprints. Over hundreds of years of existence, Long Son Pagoda has become the largest of the remaining temples in Khanh Hoa, creating a famous scenic spot of the beautiful city.

Let's keep your eyes on the bell tower given to the pagoda by Buddhists in Hue. The sound of bells echoing among the vast mountains and forests makes people's hearts deep. Thus the scenery seems quieter in the majestic, peaceful, and peaceful space at the Buddha's door.

Long Son Pagoda also has a unique architecture with delicate carvings on the roof of the temple. The harmony of the unique architecture and the surrounding natural landscape has made visitors feel extremely fresh and cool.

Long Son pagoda

Long Son pagoda


2. Po Nagar Cham Tower

Po Nagar Cham Tower is a clear testimony to the great influence of Hinduism on the Cham and, later on, the Vietnamese.

One thing special about this site is that the tower is firmly built of terracotta bricks- not the usual lime mortar but a special material. The tower's doors are opened, looking towards the East Sea as if welcoming the offshore wind. Once looking inside, you can see many angular lines to the top of the tower. The decorative motifs on the tower are very rich and typical, featuring many images in Cham beliefs.

Po Nagar Cham Tower

Po Nagar Cham Tower


3. Tu Van Pagoda (Nha Trang Snail Pagoda)

There are two floors for you to explore. The first one is Buddhist monks and nuns to admire the heritage since the 18th century. Upstairs is a place to worship Buddha. The pagoda is also decorated with delicate patterns, showing the meticulousness in each line. The remarkable thing about this site is that the decorative motifs are all meticulously combined with corals. The roof is built in the shape of a cone mixed with multicoloured shells.

Tu Van Pagoda Nha Trang

Tu Van Pagoda


4. Suoi Do Temple

Suoi Do Pagoda attracts many visitors with its impressive poetic beauty. This landmark is sheltered by natural green plants and an endless stream; thus, from this height of up to 200 meters, you can easily see the whole surrounding landscapes and zoom in on other attractions in the distance. The stream pours heavily through forests all year-round; hence, sometimes the scene appears blurry like a fog. Occasionally, you will hear the temple bells echo, breaking the quiet space of the mountains.

Behind the temple is a small road around, leading to a well located on the top of the mountain. The water in the well never dries up, so it becomes the source for the city in the dry season.

Suoi Do Temple Nha Trang

Suoi Do Temple


5. Da Bao Pagoda

Although the area inside is small, the view is extremely priceless, as no other temple can compare. It is possible to capture the view of the sea, the sky, and a green city that is changing day by day. A small lake that possesses a complicated fountain system is rated as one of the best things about this spot. There are also many quadrangle houses for travellers to rest in for a while. The garden is covered by many trees, ornamental flowers, and lawns, so it is immediately pleasing to the soul.

In that quiet space emerges the sound of wind chimes. They emit a very special sound, not bothering people but giving a very safe feeling.

Da Bao Pagoda

Da Bao Pagoda


6. Thanh Son Monastery (Nha Trang Clay Pagoda)

Everything will take you from one surprise to another. You will be overwhelmed with this temple, thanks to the beautiful setting from a welcome gate. The space is full of shade with lots of trees and small lakes. The path paved with many stones of all sizes will lead you to this special temple area. A peaceful feeling is obvious when you come here.

Everywhere will offer you a lot of Buddha statues. The impressive thing is that the nature of stones, flowers, grass, and Buddha statues are interwoven harmoniously, creating a spiritual space of serenity. People say that the Buddha statues are sculpted extremely sophisticatedly and majestically, bringing a feeling of comfort for Buddhists.

When hearing the pagoda's name, you can guess which part is the main material to build this special work. Indeed, when entering the grounds of the Clay Pagoda, you will be overwhelmed by the giant statues made from clay and bronze, encrusted with gold in specialized carving. In particular, the Buddha statues here have four faces and are placed everywhere.

The main hall of the Clay Pagoda was built on top of the hill. This area is decorated with many wooden tables and chairs, convenient for visitors to rest and enjoy the panoramic view of the rice fields below.

In addition to the artificial cave, Thanh Son Institute has many other special works under construction, promising to become a famous place.

Thanh Son Monastery Nha Trang

Thanh Son Monastery


7. Linh Phong Pagoda

After nearly 40 years of completion and development, the pagoda was built on a large scale on a vast area beside the stream. When the stream passes through the temple area, it still flows around, hugs the peach garden, and then pours into the bay, making the temple's landscape even more beautiful. It is a place of pure meditation that nature has bestowed on the temple.

From the truss column to the door, all wooden materials are carved very meticulously, elaborately with unique patterns and mascots.

Linh Phong Pagoda

Linh Phong Pagoda


8. Hai Duc Pagoda

This place is famous for its escapist and pure beauty and the largest Buddhist Institute of Central Vietnam. Visitors often go to Hai Duc Pagoda to pray for peace or participate in training courses at the temple.

The temple is located quietly amidst the beautiful natural scenery and full of sanctity. The architecture of the pagoda is also very unique with elaborate motifs and mascots. In particular, the roof tiles on the front are created and then molded by the abbot.

Unlike the usual grandeur, Hai Duc Pagoda is known for its ancient architecture, calm and quiet appearance, and timeless vibe. There are also stone benches on the side of the road for guests to rest. Although there is another easier way, pilgrims still choose the strict one because they believe that it will partly show their sincerity to Buddha.

Visiting Hai Duc Pagoda, he prayed for peace and enjoyed the scene; you also heard the strange past life story handed down in folklore.

Hai Duc Pagoda

Hai Duc Pagoda


9. Ky Vien Temple

If you do not have time to visit the temple in the distance, you can go to Ky Vien Pagoda. This temple is located on the top of Bach Tuong mountain, one of the four Tu Linh hills located in the heart of Nha Trang city. Ky Vien is a beautiful old temple that also hosts summer retreats for teenagers.

According to the epitaph located at the temple, Ky Vien was originally Trung Nghia Temple, built in the early 19th century, and was mobilized by village elders to donate to the Buddhist Church of Khanh Hoa province.  After the restoration in 1990, the pagoda officially changed its name to Ky Vien Trung Nghia. The main hall is decorated solemnly and is the place to worship Buddha Shakyamuni.

Ky Vien Pagoda is a place for monks and nuns to come and a destination for many groups of tourists when they have the opportunity to come to the country.

Ky Vien Temple

Ky Vien Temple


10. Linh Son Temple

Another famous ancient temple in Nha Trang city that you can visit is Linh Son Temple. The elderly suppose that this temple has existed since the 13th century and was built completely by a Zen master. Over the past few hundred years, the pagoda has continued to be developed more spaciously and has become a historical and cultural monument of Khanh Hoa province.

The landscape is airy but dignified and pure. It's the medley of the river, vast rice fields, lotus lakes, and a high mountain range in the distance. In particular, the pagoda still retains the identity of the four kings and the ancient bell up to 1m high. Once coming to Linh Son Pagoda, you can dispel all the fatigue and worries of life and discover the beauty of traditional culture.

Nha Trang attracts tourists from all over the world by its beauty or lavish luxury and is impressed by the quiet and quiet features of the ancient temples. It’s time to pack up and enjoy your trip. Let's look at Nha Trang tour list and choose your best trip now.

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