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Nha Trang – the beautiful coastal city of Vietnam is a tourism paradise with golden sunlight, a deep blue ocean, silky beach sand, and an alluring culinary that attracts tourists all around the world. Let's review our useful local tip for your travel to Nha Trang below. 

1. Best time to go to Nha Trang

The weather in Nha Trang is very comfortable with the average temperature from 26 to 27oC creating a favorable condition for tourism nearly all year round. There are 2 different seasons here: the dry and rainy season.

Stunning beach in Nha Trang

Stunning beach in Nha Trang

  • The dry season in Nha Trang

The period from January to early September is the dry season that is quite more favorable than the other months and is suitable for outdoor tours in Nha Trang like biking tours or snorkeling tours. This long dry season gives tourists a big-time budget to enjoy the beauty of beaches in the city. In case your trip is in July or August, Hon Ba is a very worth visiting attraction for its pleasant climates like Đa Lat and Sa Pa.

Snorkeling to discover the underwater of Nha Trang

Snorkeling to discover the underwater of Nha Trang

  • Rainy season

Rainy season starts from September to December whose peak time is in October and November. During these months, tourists may experience frequent small rains all day so just remember to bring an umbrella along with you. Besides, if you cannot take part in natural tours, cultural and historical tours may be the ones that is suitable at this time.


2. Transportation in Nha Trang

Since this is a famous tourism city in Vietnam, there are various means of transportation that are available.


Buses in Nha Trang run through six main routes:

  • No. 1: From Dien Khanh ward to Le Hong Phong and ends at Vinh Truong street whose length is about 18 kilometers.
  • No. 2: 18 kilometers, from Dien Khanh to Tran Phu and Binh Tan.
  • No. 3: 8 kilometers, from the South bus station to the North one.
  • No. 4: 13 kilometers, from Duong Hien Quyen to Nguyen Thien Thuat and ends at Cau Da.
  • No. 5: 13 kilometers, from Tran Phu brigde to To Hien Thanh and Hon Ro 1.
  • No. 6: 15 kilometers, from the South bus stop to Luong Son market.

Scooters and bicycles

In Nha Trang, most of the small and medium hotels have scooters and bicycles for rent. You can ask at the reception at your hotel or those near your accommodation for renting one. The fee is charged either by hours or by day which is around 40,000-60,000VND for a bike per day and 80,000-120,000VND for a scooter per day.


Cyclos in Nha Trang are said to be found much easier than motor taxis in Hanoi since everywhere at any time tourists can easily catch a cyclo for a tour around the city. What is more wonderful than sitting on a cyclo slowly moving, watching endless blue sky, hearing the echo of the ocean’s waves, and feeling the wind from the sea? It has to be an unforgettable memory of your travel to Vietnam. 


  • Taxi Mai Linh
    9A Le Loi street, Xuong Huan ward, Nha Trang
    Tel: (058) 3811 811
  • Taxi Nha Trang
    46 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, Phuong Son ward, Nha Trang
    Tel: (058) 3818 181 – 3824 000
  • Khánh Hòa Taxi
    46 Le Thanh Ton street, Loc Tho ward, Nha Trang
    Tel: (058) 3810 810 – 3871 871
  • Emasco Taxi
    6 Nguyen Chanh, Loc Tho ward, Nha Trang
    Tel: (058) 3515 151 – 3814 444
  • Taxi V20
    Tan Hoang Minh Company, Vinh Nguyen Ward, Nha Trang
    Tel: (058) 3882 020

Boats to islands in Nha Trang bay

Boats will depart from Cau Da port (near Nha Trang Insitute of Oceanography). To buy tickets, contact the ticket counter at the port.

3. Shopping in Nha Trang

Besides the romantic beaches with beautiful scenery, there are a number of shopping spots that can fulfill the expectation of every tourist. 

  • Nha Trang Market

Located on Tue Tinh street – a hectic Western quarter in the center of the city, Nha Trang Market is considered as a “shopping heaven”. The market is opened from 9 a.m to 10 p.m. It is an opening space that the total square is about 2,000 m2 and is designed as a fishing village. The market consists of 2 areas: one for exhibition and shopping and the other is a gastronomy village.
The shopping space includes about 100 booths where various products from handmade ones (conical leaf hat, lanterns, embroidery, and wooden products, ceramics, pottery…) to fashion products and souvenirs are sold. In front of the market’s gate, many pictures and paintings about beautiful landmarks and the people of Nha Trang are exhibited.

Night market in Nha Trang

Night market in Nha Trang

Besides, Nha Trang Market is also known as a “gastronomy heaven” for both locals and foreign visitors. It seems like the cuisine from all over the world gathering here and forming an attractive place for gastronomy lovers.

Diverse cuisine in Nha Trang Market

Diverse cuisine in Nha Trang Market

  • XQ – Arts and Crafts

In case you are interested in embroidery products, XQ (64 Tran Phu street) is the most suitable spot for you. It is operated like a rural village in which people embroider beautiful pictures of Vietnamese landscapes, local people, flora, etc.  After visiting this attraction, you can gain more knowledge about the root of our country’s culture and tradition.

Embroidery products in XQ village

Embroidery products in XQ village

  • Supermarkets and markets

    • Co.opmart Nha Trang: no. 2 Le Hong Phong street,
    • BigC Nha Trang: Block 4, 19-5 street, Vinh Diem Trung urban area, Vinh Hiep commune.
    • Đầm Market: no. 9 B block, Cho Dam, Nha Trang.
    • Xóm Mới Market: 49 Ngo Gia Tu street.

In these 2 markets, there are various types of fresh seafood which are brought directly from the sea.

4. Iconic food


As a coastal city, Nha Trang is very famous for diverse kinds of seafood such as lobster, crab, squid, etc. Tourists can easily find a place to enjoy that delicious and fresh food from restaurants to street vendors or night markets at a reasonable price.

Banh Can (Can cakes)

This is a popular dish of South Central regions which is made of rice flour, eggs, fat, green onions... It is served with fresh vegetables, the fish sauce added garlic, sugar, vinegar, and chili. 
Where to find: Le Thanh Ton and Nguyen Thien Thuat street.

Căn cakes with flavor dipping sauce

Căn cakes with flavor dipping sauce

Bun Cha Ca (Fried fish noodle)

Nha Trang is home to various kinds of fish which provide the best ingredients to make delicious fried fish. The noodle’s broth is made from boiled sailfish and mackerel bones, which creates a unique taste for the dish. The same as “banh can”, “bun cha ca” is also served with raw fresh vegetables and a small cup of fish sauce.
Where to find: Bun ca Nam Beo, Block B2 Phan Boi Chau, Nha Trang.

A bowl of "Bún chả cá"

A bowl of "Bún chả cá"

Nem nuong (grilled fermented pork roll)

This specialty is also known as Ninh Hoa’s or Nha Trang’s grilled fermented pork roll which has 2 types: nem nướng or nem chua (fermented pork roll fresh). Tourists may choose to enjoy “nem nướng” in Nha Trang and buy “nem chua” home as a gift from Vietnam.
Where to find: Nem Nuong Vu Thanh An, no. 15 Le Loi street, Nha Trang.

A full set of "Nem nướng"

A full set of "Nem nướng"

Bo Nuong Lui Lạc Cảnh (Lac Canh grilled beef)

This dish is very special because of its cooking progress since it is mixed with honey and about 10 secret spices and then grilled on charcoal. People often eat them with bread, rice or noodle.
Where to find: no. 44 Nguyen Binh Khiem street, Nha Trang.

"Bò nướng lụi" with a slice bread

"Bò nướng lụi" with a slice bread

After reading this article, if you still would like to discover even more interesting things than those listed above, just take a quick glance at some of our Nha Trang tours. It may be quite helpful for your travel plan.

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