Noi Bai International Airport

This article will briefly describe Hanoi or Noi Bai Airport, the terminals, the airport's available services as well as the transfer service. Let's follow and find all needed information for your trip.

Introduction about Noi Bai Airport 

Hanoi Airport or Noi Bai International Airport is located in Soc Son District, Hanoi. It is about 35 km from Noi Bai Airport to the center of Hanoi. The distance has been only 28 km since Nhat Tan was completed in 2014. Noi Bai Airport is known as the largest international airport in Vietnam

Hanoi Airport is the main activity center of four flag carriers including Vietnam Airline, Bamboo Airways, Vietjet, and Pacific Airline. Hanoi Airport codes are IATA: HAN and ICAO: VVNB. Hanoi Airport Terminals are both Noi Bai Domestic Airport and Noi Bai International Airport with a total area of more than 300,000 square meters. Besides, this airport can serve more than 25 million passengers per year. 

Historically, Hanoi Airport was established in 1977, and in 1978, it was officially opened to welcome the first international flight. Over half a century, Hanoi Airport is growing strongly with modern facilities and technology.

Besides, the airport also increasingly develops many kinds of service which helps passengers feel more satisfied before or after each flight. In addition to high-quality services, there are many transfer services that are supported by Hanoi Airport. Therefore, passengers have many choices for moving from Hanoi Airport to the center of the city. 

Hanoi (Noi Bai) Airport

Hanoi (Noi Bai) Airport overview


Hanoi Airport Terminals 

Recently, Hanoi Airport has 2 terminals both Hanoi Domestic Airport and Hanoi International Airport. In 2014, Hanoi International Airport was established and became a terminal that serves international flights. On the contrary, the old terminal only serves domestic flights. 


T1: Hanoi Domestic Airport

Noi Bai Domestic Airport was completed in 2001 which has a total area of 115,000 meters square. This place often welcomes more than 15 million passengers per year. The building of Hanoi Domestic Airport has 3 floors and 1 basement including the first floor (for arrival guests), the second floor (check-in areas and services), the third floor (office).


T2: Noi Bai International Airport

Hanoi International Airport was established in 2014 which has a total area of 139,000 meters square. In recent years, Hanoi International Airport also welcomes more than 10 million passengers per year. The building of Hanoi International Airport has 4 floors and 1 basement including the first floor (for arrival guests), the second floor (check-in areas and services), the third floor (departure activities), the fourth floor (services and office).


Hanoi Airport Services

Sleeping pods

Passengers who transit in Hanoi Airport for many hours, so renting sleeping pods is a great choice at this time. It seems that we haven’t forgotten the image of tired passengers waiting for the next flight in the airport lounge. In order to resolve this problem, the sleeping pods service was designed by Hanoi Airport.  Passengers can completely feel comfortable to relax after long trips. Sleeping pods are the same as mini-hotels full of convenience and private space. 

Sleeping pod in Noi Bai Airport

Sleeping pod in Noi Bai Airport


Each sleeping pod has an area of ​​4 square meters, 3 meters high with an extremely simple design including a small bed, blankets, and so on. Besides, Sleeping pods are also equipped with a lot of necessary tools such as clothes hangers, alarm clocks.

There is nothing better than putting your back on a comfy bed, listening to some music, setting the alarm, and going to bed. Passengers will feel time passing faster. With the affordable price, this service has satisfied passengers who are afraid of waiting for too long at the airport. 


Hanoi Airport Shops

The best way to kill time is shopping in the airport. Passengers can go around shops and souvenir shops as well as buy a lot of gifts which they feel like. The below will introduce lots of shops in Noi Bai Airport including duty-free shops and taxed shops. 

Passengers can buy goods on the second floor, in halls A and B in the departure lounge of the domestic terminal. Besides, they can buy on the third floor of the center area or in the departure lounge of the international terminal.

Noi Bai Airport shop

Noi Bai Airport shop

Below are a lot of available goods in shops in the airport. 

  • Art products which are made in Vietnam such as jewelry, picture.
  • Some products are made from silk, paper, bamboo such as scarves, clothes, Non La, Ao Dai, bowl, chopstick, and so on.
  • Some products are made from leather such as wallets, belts,..
  • Perfumes and cosmetics are made from the natural materials of Vietnam. Besides, others are imported from luxury brands of foreign.
  • And some basic necessities and personal items are also available in stores in the airport.

In addition to servicing passengers, selling goods in the airport is also a way to advertise about many high quality products of Vietnam. And passengers can easily remember some unique gifts of this place. Moreover, this is also an effective way to introduce Vietnam's image to foreign friends. 


Foods & Drinks

Foods and drinks are very diverse, which are sold in both domestic and international airports. Most foods are Vietnam’s traditional foods, others are foreign foods and fast foods. 

  • Pho” is a very popular food in the airport and passengers are attracted by its flavor.
  • “Banh mi” is also a famous food when coming to Vietnam. The bread crust is crispy and filled with pate, pork floss, spring roll and sauce.
  • There are many fast foods from famous brands such as Burger King, Popeyes and so on.
  • Besides, foods in many restaurants are very delicious. Passengers will be served some dishes from many countries by professional chefs.
  • Drinks are sold in most stores including soft drinks, juice, milk and so on. 

Foods in the airport are very delicious and attractive because of the variety of flavors, recipes, and ingredients. Although the prices of foods are very quite expensive anyway passengers also try to eat them at least once.

Restaurant in Hanoi AIrport

Restaurant in Hanoi AIrport



Available internet: With the development of technology, the internet has covered most of the airport. Passengers can easily log in the airport internet network because of free wifi. Moreover, using social networks will help passengers feel more comfortable than sitting without doing nothing.

Public phone charging places: It's a pity that the phone is out of battery without a place to charge. Understanding that, the airport has designed public phone charging places for passengers in need. 

Passengers can quickly find them on the first floor in hall A and E, the second floor in hall A,B,E of T1 terminal as well as on the third floor of T2 terminal. 

Children Playground: It would be inconvenient to have to wait on the plane for a long time, the first and foremost is passengers who are children. In fact, children don’t like adults, they are very active. 

Therefore, Noi Bai airport designed the parks for children where they can play together. If they do not fuss, their parents will have less difficulty. 

Others services

  • Money exchange, ATM 

It seems to be a very necessary service for foreign tourists. In addition to currency exchange stalls, there are many ATM machines in Hanoi Airport. Passengers can easily look for them in public areas of both T1 and T2 terminals. Besides, others are put in the west wing and the east wing of the airport. Passengers can that most popular banks have some currency exchange stalls and ATM machines such as BIDV, Agribank, Techcombank, VP Bank, Maritime Bank and so on. 

  • First Aid

If passengers have health problems, don’t hesitate to contact the airport medical staff. They will help passengers to the best of your ability or take them to the nearest medical center. Passengers can look for first aid rooms on the first floor of Hall A in T1 terminal and on the third floor of the departure lounge inT2 terminal. 

  • Free water service is equipped in most positions of Noi Bai Airport. 
  • Free chargers 


Hanoi Airport Transfer Service 

It takes passengers about at least 1 hour to get from Noi Bai Airport to Hanoi Center. Because of the long distance, Noi Bai Airport offers many kinds of transportations so passengers can choose the most suitable one for them. 

  • Taxi 

More than 14 taxi brands are allowed to wait for passengers in front of the arrival hall of the airport including Mai Linh and Vinasun are 2 big taxi brands in Vietnam. Passengers can catch any taxis nearest them to move out of the airport. 

There are many benefits of traveling by taxi. Passengers will feel comfortable because they have private space in a taxi. After a long trip, they can relax without the noise around them. Moreover, they don’t waste too much time catching taxis in the airport. And traveling by taxi is very safe. 

However, the price for taxi travel is very expensive and it is one of the most expensive transportations recently. Passengers have to pay about 250,000-400,000 VND for getting from Noi Bai Airport to Hanoi Center. 

Hanoi Airport taxi

Hanoi Airport taxi

  • Shuttle Bus

If passengers go alone and have little luggage, buses from Noi Bai Airport to the city center will be the best choice for them. 

It seems that the shuttle bus is the cheapest transportation because of the affordable price. Passengers only need to pay about 10,000-40,000 VND for each trip. Bus number 07, 17, 86 and 90 are shuttle buses which have routes from Noi Bai Airport to the city center.

If passengers don’t know which bus gets from Noi Bai Airport to the city center, don’t hesitate to ask the staff in the airport. They will show passengers how to catch the buses and their position in the airport. It is far from the bus station to the arrivals hall of the airport. So that passengers have to walk about 250 meters to go to the bus station. In there, passengers only need to see the numbers which are stuck on the glass bus. 

Bus 07 goes from Noi Bai Airport to Cau Giay District. Bus 17 goes from Noi Bai Airport to Long Bien District. Bus 90 goes from Noi Bai Airport to Kim Ma bus station. Different from others, bus 86 parks near the arrivals hall of 2 terminals. So that passengers can catch bus 86 quickly after landing. Bus 86 goes from Noi Bai Airport to Hanoi Train Station. 

However, most buses are crowded with passengers and have low quality, so they can feel terrible because of the inconvenience. 

  • Private Car

There is nothing better than traveling by private car because it helps them feel convenient and they can go home quickly. It is not only safe but also comfortable, but, the price of a private car is very quite expensive. However, it also helps passengers have opportunities to take a rest. 

Private transfer to Hanoi Airport

Private transfer to Hanoi Airport

This article introduced Hanoi Airport as well as its services. Therefore, passengers can know about the positives of Hanoi Airport, some products which are sold in stores in the airport. Hanoi Airport Transfer service including taxi, shuttle bus, private car is also useful information for passengers. Passengers can choose the best way to get from Hanoi Airport to the center of the city. 

The above information is very important for passengers who have plans to travel to Hanoi. BestPrice Travel hopes that this review will be useful for passengers so they can easily travel around Noi Bai Airport. Besides, passengers can contact BestPrice Travel to have further information about Hanoi Airport as well as some famous destinations in the north of Vietnam. With our good staff is always happy to consult passengers to have good trips including giving advice or booking vietnam flights, hotels, cruises, or package tours. 

Noi Bai International Airport Map

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I will arrive Hanoi airport on 14/10/22 at 20:00. Can I buy sim card at Hanoi Airport? Is the shop still open at 20:00? I plan to go to Hanoi and Sapa, which mobile operator do you recommend?


Hi! There are many booths selling sim cards at Hanoi Airport (Noi Bai International Airport) and normally, they still open at 20.00. Viettel and Vinaphone are always the best choices for mobile operators here. However, it is recommended that Viettel is the better option if you plan to visit rural areas.

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