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Ock Pop Tok, which is a Weaving Center, is located on Chao Fa Ngum Road in Luang Prabang. Ock Pop Tok is established by a local weaver and an English photographer in 2000 in oerder to promote and preserve the traditional textitle weaving and craft making of people here.

Silk warps dried in the sunMaterials and toolsA local weaver is weavingOck Pop Tok

Because in 2000 the Weaving Center was set up by a local weaver and an English photographer; hence it was named as Ock Pop Tok that means "East meets West". In 2000, Ock Pop Tok was established with the main goal is helping Lao artisans improve their textitle weaving skills. Five years later, in 2005 it was set up as a Weaving Center with the goals are promoting and preserving the traditional methods of making natural silk and weaving also. Besides, Ock Pop Tok Weaving Center indirectly increases the perception of Laos people toward the priceless traditional weaving methods.

In 2006, a non- profit gallery was built in Ock Pop Tok that aims to collecting and exhibiting the Laos culture and tradition of their textitles.

What to do
At the Weaving Center, visitors have chance to learn natural dye making process, main materials, production tools and textitle weaving skills. From that you can see clearly how skillful the local weavers are in order to making beautiful hand-made silks. Moreover, there are numerous textitle products for visitors to buy as souvenirs.

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