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Patuxai Victory Monument Vientiane

Patuxai is a good choice for those who visit Laos for the first time. It is meaning Gate of Triumph, a symbol of victory for the Lao.

Located in Lan Xang boulevard to the northeast of Vientiane, Patuxai was built from 1957 to 1968, reminding the contribution of Lao heroes in the war with French. Thus, it has another name is Anou Savary. This is also a symbol of the heroic sacrifice who fought to protect the independence of the nation. Visiting here, you will hear many wonderful stories about the contributions have been done by Laotian heroes.

Patuxai Victory Monument

Patuxai Victory Monument

Patuxai is 55m high, has 4 sides, each side is 24m wide with 7 floors and 2 sub-floors. Its architecture is quite similar with The Arc de Triomphe in Paris. However, Patuxai still retains unique features belonging to Lao culture. The decoration has inspiration from the images of Kinari, half woman and half bird, reliefs descripting Rama song and Lao style towers. The windows of the tower were designed in the form of Buddha statues and 7 floors were connected by roll staircases. When reaching the highest floor of Patuxai, tourists can see the view of romantic and peaceful Vientiane capital to immerse yourself in the life of Vientiane people in Patuxai. In late afternoon, it is also time for people to come here to do exercise, dancing, etc. Everything created peaceful atmosphere in Vientian.

Inside Patuxai

Inside Patuxai

Nowadays, Patuxai has not been completed yet because of the lack of funding and many reasons in the past. According to Lao, this construction is not continued to be built aim to remind them about the poor of Laos in the past. This unfinished building is like a message to the next generation to know how difficult the past is to strive to develop the country.

Traveling to Laos, tourists certainly cannot miss the opportunity to visit this historic building of Laos. Do not forget, admire this construction in the morning or in the fanciful sunset and have some check in photos there.

Patuxai Victory Monument Map

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