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Perfect areas to stay in Bangkok

August 04, 2020 - 235 views

For the first time travelling to Bangkok, it will be overwhelming for you to select a suitable accommodation. Here are 3 perfect areas to stay in Bangkok highly recommended to tourists.

Choosing a place to stay in Bangkok is much easier than what you can imagine. Based on your budget of course and your interests, you can choose an appropriate accommodation without any difficulties. Siam, Pratunam and Khao San are highly recommended in this article.

1. Siam

As a shopping center gathering shopping malls in the city, Siam area is no doubt where you should live in Bangkok. Many shopping centers are all here in this area, including MBK, Siam Paragon, Central World, Siam Discovery, Siam Center and Central Chidlom. If you love the hustle and bustle environment, Siam is just a perfect area for you. You will find and buy everything you need in this area and even things you might not need. Shop in modern and air-conditioned fashionable shopping malls, go to the world-class cinemas or enjoy the best cuisines in excellent restaurants.

Staying in Siam, remember to visit Scala Theatre – the last rarely classic movie theatre which was built in 1969. Go shopping in the modern shopping malls here till you run out of your money. Visit Jim Thompson’s House – a traditional Thai museum – to get to know more about Thai silk as Jim Thompson was the founder of Thai silk. In addition, you can enjoy blockbuster films at modern cinemas or watch a classic Thai movie at the Scala Movie Theater.

In shopping malls, there are large food courts where people gather foods from different parts of the world. Foods here are served at an affordable price but are incredibly tasty. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World will make you amazed with aquarium zones, rainforest adventure, penguin ice playground, Makita, ocean tunnel and shark walk and is definitely a destination you never want to miss.

Siam Malls - Perfect areas to stay in Bangkok

Siam with modern shopping malls

2. Pratunam

The Pratunam area is where you should stay if your budget is limited. It is near the Siam area, just within walking distance. However, the costs are much more reasonable, especially hotel prices. Besides, staying here will give you an authentic Thai feeling than it is when staying in the Siam area. So, if you want to enjoy the real Thai environment with markets and street foods, Pratunam area is where to go. To best describe this area, chaotic, crowded, vibrant and energetic are the adjectives coming in your mind.

Walking around the area and getting shopping opportunities. The markets and vendors in this area sell everything at an affordable price. You can even lower the price a bit if you know how to bargain. Thus, if you are about to stay here, learning how to bargain will help you save a huge amount of money. Coming here and being surrounded by colorful things, you will want to spend more.

If you stay in this area on your vacation to Thailand, visit the Pratunam market. You can buy clothes and accessories at a wholesale price. Learn to bargain in

a clever way, smile and be friendly, you will bring a high-quality product home. In addition, you should take a walk in Victory Monument – one of Bangkok’s major traffic intersections. Even if you do not like things like the monument much, around the statue is a small world of Thai street foods where you can find yummy Pad Thai, Lad Na.

At night, spend your time in Neon night market – a funky and youthful market with a variety of clothes, homeware and trinkets. This market is open at night only and has a futuristic vibe with lots of funky neon light as well as live music performances.

Pratunam - Perfect areas to stay in Bangkok

Stay in Pratunam area for the authentic Thai feel

3. Khao San

Khao San is one of the most famous and busiest streets in Bangkok where you can experience the real Bangkok environment. You are here for a party, Khao San is where to go. Even if you choose not to stay here, it is worth visiting. Visit the street and try a cold Chang beer in street pubs while experiencing the craziness of this street. Take a walk along the road, get in a small vendor and try cheap Thai foods. There are markets along the Khao San road selling clothes, shoes and accessories at an affordable price (they are cheap, exactly). Especially on the weekend, this road is full of young people, so if you want to experience the energetic and lively atmosphere, find accommodation here.

Khao San is where young Thais often go because of its bars, restaurants, street market and backpacker vibe, thus being an ideal place you should stay. Around the Democracy Monument, many small vendors are serving world-class foods and mouth watering Thai dessert. In addition, you can visit the Golden Mount (Wat Saket), a beautiful Buddhist Temple, sitting on the top of the Golden Mountain. It is an ideal destination to admire the beauty of the sunset.

Staying in Khao San, remember to visit the Jay Fai restaurant. It is the one and only Michelin star street food restaurant in Bangkok where you can enjoy the

best crab omelette. Khao San Road itself is crowded, thus it is more likely to suit the ones loving busy and noisy environment.

Khao San - Perfect areas to stay in Bangkok

Khao San is one of the most famous and busiest streets in Bangkok where you can experience the real Bangkok environment

Each part of Bangkok is different from others. Depending on specific factors, such as your hobby or budget, you can choose to stay in a different area. The three areas we have listed, including Siam, Khao San and Pratunam, are highly recommended for its energy, costs and its lovely and friendly local people. Let's come and enjoy a tour now!

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