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Pho Ga Hanoi (Hanoi Chicken Pho)

December 31, 2020 - 331 views

It is the culinary arts that are both sophisticated and diverse, which has contributed to Hanoi chicken Pho becoming a dish that captivates diners everywhere.

Vietnam is a country associated with wet rice civilization, so the people of the country have used many different forms to process rice into everyday foods such as rice, sticky rice, porridge, and rice noodles (from rice flour). In particular, noodle cakes are dishes created from rice flour in the early twentieth century.

chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup

Hanoi Chicken Pho is a newcomer

Hanoi Chicken Pho is a newcomer
Pho originated in Northern Vietnam, invading Central and South in the mid-1950s after the failure of France in Indochina and Vietnam was divided into two regions. Vietnamese in the north who migrated to the south in 1954 carrying pho and pho began to have differences.
Around the 50s of the last century, the concept of chicken pho just appeared by chance (there are also documents saying chicken pho appeared earlier, since 1939). Chicken pho has advantages that beef noodle soup cannot have. Chicken broth is always sweeter and tastier than beef broth.

Chicken noodle

A bowl of chicken noodle in Hanoi  

What makes Hanoi Chicken Pho flavorful

What makes Hanoi Chicken Pho flavorful

A bowl of Hanoi Chicken Pho includes thin noodles, sliced or shredded chicken meat served with light and fragrant broth. It also comes with spring onions as a topping. The broth is clear and flavorful with a golden color and fragrance from ginger and spices. The simmering chicken bones add sweetness to the broth. In addition, the chicken meat in the bowl of pho Ga should be tender, moist, juicy, and retain the right amount of firmness. 

To cook the broth of Pho ga, you will need a whole chicken including all chicken parts with bones. Shallots, ginger, and spices are also needed. You can also replace shallots with onions if you can't find them.

hanoi chicken food

Making chicken noodle in Hanoi 

Chicken pho restaurants that you should try once in Hanoi

Chicken pho restaurants that you should try once in Hanoi
Chicken pho with delicious broth, sweet bars, and crispy skin pieces always has its place in the hearts of pho lovers.

Pho Ban - Ton Duc Thang
Pho Ban, named after the shop owner, has long become a famous address in Hanoi with a different brand of chicken pho compared to other pho shops.
Located on a busy street full of traffic, but it will be hard to ignore this noodle because the storefront is very wide, there is always a stall displaying lots of chickens with light yellow skin waiting to put in each bowl of pho.

Pho Ha - Hang Hom
Hang Hom Street has quite a lot of chicken noodle shops, but the most complimented one is the Ha Pho restaurant in the middle of the street with the "identity" that is always crowded. The scale of the bar is just a big table full of boiled chicken with yellow; a glass cupboard containing chicken was classified separately into thighs, wings, the stove was always red, and some simple plastic tables and chairs.

Chicken Pho - Hang Dieu
The broth here is characterized by a pure, bright, sweet taste. When eating, you should combine scallions, add lemon leaves, and you will have a bowl of pho that is delicious. Located in the central area, the service of this store is quite excellent, so usually, only around 1 pm the restaurant is out of stock, not sold all day like other stores.
Because Pho here is very delicious, reasonably priced (30,000 VND / bowl), the number of customers visiting here is quite crowded. Because in the middle of the central area, the old town, the restaurant is a bit tight, guests may have to sit on the sidewalk, and the parking space is quite cramped.

Coming to Hanoi and only knowing that there is beef noodle soup but not enjoying chicken pho is too regrettable. Those who haven't eaten should try it out. Have a nice trip.

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