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Phu Quoc Night Market Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc night market is one of the most popular destinations that tourists will visit when traveling here. Coming here you will immerse yourself in culinary paradise, a bustling atmosphere. Let's find all detail about the Phu Quoc night market with us now.

Phu Quoc Night Market (also known as Bach Dang Night Market) is the busiest place for entertainment, dining, and shopping in Phu Quoc. Located at 6 Bach Dang Street - Duong Dong Town - Phu Quoc. Because it is quite close to Dinh Cau night market (about 150m) so you should ask local people clearly to avoid confusion.

The night market is open from 6:00 pm to 11:00 PM or 12:00 pm every day, however some shops still open in the morning from 8:00 AM. Coming here you will impress the crowded streets with many lights, clothes counters, coffee bars, food vendors... 

The stalls are arranged on both sides of the road, you can easily move in the middle wide aisle. From the first entrance, you can easily find a place to eat delicious and cheap seafood. Souvenirs and other 

 Those who travel to Phu Quoc on their own and want to visit the night market for dinner can easily choose. A group of family and friends traveling to Phu Quoc but want to visit the night market to eat specialties are sold along the road so you can eat & choose at the same time.

Phu Quoc Night Market

Phu Quoc Night Market


What's attractive in the Phu Quoc night market?

You will certainly not disappoint when visiting the Phu Quoc night market because over 100 stalls of fresh and prepared seafood. walking along the market road you will not be able to resist the sweet aroma of grilled seafood & other unique foods. Besides, you can find any handmade items, souvenirs, jewelry, clothes to buy as gifts.

Enjoy amazing seafood

Phu Quoc night market is a paradise of fresh seafood. The best way to taste them is grilled on the spot, emitting a fragrant aroma throughout to attract your stomach. You can enjoy grilled oysters with cheese, grilled milk oysters with butter, grilled scallops with onion fat, grilled octopus with satay... super delicious and attractive with the price only from 15,000 VND - 20,000 VND /cup (~1 USD)

The seafood here is caught & sold by locals that are very fresh, origin and qualities. Although the market only opens few hours at night, it is always crowded and attracts many tourists to come for dinner. There are many types of seafood & dishes so you should bring a lot of money to taste all of them.

Enjoy amazing seafood at Phu Quoc Night market

Enjoy amazing seafood


Buy souvenirs

Besides attractive seafood stalls, you can find many unique souvenir stalls at Phu Quoc night market. From manually select handicrafts such as turtle bracelets, pearl necklaces, combs, rings, shells made into pens, pills, ashtrays to Phu Quoc specialties like sim wine, fish sauce, peppers are selling here. Let's go shopping and find you some good ones to bring back as souvenirs for friends & relatives.

Buy souvenirs at Phu Quoc night market

Buy souvenirs


Eat Phu Quoc coconut ice cream

After wandering around and enjoying many seafood dishes or choosing the right souvenirs, do not forget to have a portion of coconut cream for dessert. It is one of the most popular desserts in Phu Quoc. You surely will love the delicious and greasy taste of this ice cream.

Coconut ice cream is housed in a half-cut coconut shell and has a lot of flavors, but the main is the greasy and delicious coconut flavor. Eating ice cream right in the coconut shell will make you feel new & unique.


Local tips for you when visiting Phu Quoc night market

  • If you go with a group, you should buy a little of each dish and then share it together so you can enjoy more delicious dishes.
  • If you want to try many dishes, you should buy and eat a little of each, otherwise, you will be full very quickly.
  • If your stomach is unwell, you should choose shops that look clean and tidy to guarantee food hygiene.
  • Choose the crowded shop to eat.
  • There are poor quality products, fake goods, imitation goods... you remember to choose carefully when buying souvenirs.

If you are planning your trip to Phu Quoc, do not forget to add the night market to your pocket list. So let's book Phu Quoc package tours right now to have the opportunity to explore this beautiful island!

Phu Quoc Night Market Map

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