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Phuket - Weather

Phuket is a popular tourist destination since it has several beaches with a strong sense of romance. Given its breathtaking environment, mouthwatering cuisine, and unique celebrations, Phuket receives a steady stream of visitors yearly. If you are planning a trip to Thailand, do some research to determine the ideal time to visit the island and what kinds of activities would make your vacation more exciting and fulfilling.

Phuket General Weather

Hot and humid year-round, Phuket's tropical climate is influenced by the southwest monsoon, which also brings rain to the rest of Thailand. April and May are the warmest months, while January is the coldest. The climate in Phuket tends to change dramatically from year to year. While some years' wet periods are lovely with plenty of sunny days, others have far more precipitation. As a result, no one can make sure to give you an accurate forecast when it comes to Phuket's climate.

Dry Season: Sunny & Dry

  • Average Temperature: 23 to 29 degrees

Phuket is always at its most pleasant temperature and humidity from November to February. The weather in Phuket at that time appears neither too hot nor too rainy, making it an ideal time to go sightseeing, swimming, and other forms of entertainment. The first peak seasons for visitors to Phuket begin in November and December. The recent dip in temperature and steady decrease in rainfall have made for ideal activity conditions.

January and February are by far the busiest time of year for travelers to visit Phuket since there has been relatively little precipitation, and the sky is currently apparent. This is also a gorgeous time of year with bright skies and calm waters, making it the perfect time for swimming, scuba diving, or kick-off journeys. On the other hand, during these months, travel services, accommodations, and shopping rates are at their peak with hefty traffic.

Phuket's cities and beaches are constantly bustling with visitors during these months due to the island's pleasant weather. In addition, February is the month in which Phuket hosts a spectacular fireworks show to celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

Best Things To Do In The Dry Season

  • Visit some famous tourist attractions: Phi Phi Island, Old Phuket Town, and Phang Nga Bay.
  • Indulge in Phuket's unique local cuisine. 
  • Participate in some water sports activities: kayaking, canoeing, and scuba-diving.
  • Join in the destination’s festivals/ holiday celebrations. 

Explore Water Activities in The Dry Season

Explore Water Activities in The Dry Season

Rainy Season: Wet & Hot 

  • Average Temperature: 26 to 34 degrees

The rainy season in Phuket runs from June all the way through November. In the meanwhile, the months of June through August have a mix of sunny and cloudy days. September, October, and November are examples of months that are typically associated with higher precipitation levels than other months. The rain may continue until December in some random years.

The weather impacts tours and ferries, and visits to other islands are regularly canceled due to heavy rain and strong winds. While some diving shops provide excursions during the wet season, they tend to be irregular depending on the weather.

Since there are fewer tourists in town at this time, prices drop dramatically, and great deals are to be grabbed. Many hotels offer rates that are 50% lower than during the peak season.

The temperature is bearable throughout the rainy season, making it a good option for those looking to save money on their trip or who prefer to escape the crush of tourists that occurs during the summer.

Best Things To Do In The Rainy Season

  • Explore Old Phuket Town
  • Take a tour to Phi Phi Island to discover its beautiful scenery
  • Get a spa treatment at the hotel or the spa nearby
  • Explore the cuisine of the region in an indoor night market.
  • Take a lesson and learn the secrets of making authentic Thai food. 

Visit The Old Phuket Town in The Rainy Days

Visit The Old Phuket Town in The Rainy Days