Phuket Weather in February & Recommended Activities

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Thailand's weather, in general, is hot and humid throughout the year. However, Phuket weather in February is cooler and suitable for many exciting outdoor activities.

Characteristics of Phuket weather in February

Phuket weather in February is nearly identical to that of January, which attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. The average temperature of Phuket in February is around 28 degrees Celsius and can rise to 33 degrees. There is sunshine on most days with relatively low humidity. Thus, you can experience a wide range of different tours with friends and family.

Tourists to Phuket in February should not worry about precipitation as rainfall is only 30mm during this month. Calm sea conditions and adequate temperature are also perfect for water-related activities. However, it is crucial to protect yourself from excessive sun exposure by wearing sunscreen and drinking lots of water.

Phuket weather n February

What to expect in Phuket in February

The charms of Phuket do not only lay in the picturesque beaches, but there are plenty of activities for visitors to this destination. As Phuket weather in February is appropriate for any indoor and outdoor sports, we have two suggestions that will help you discover the cultural aspect of Thailand in Phuket.

Big Buddha

As a Buddhist country, Thailand has countless temples and shrines that bear its religious significance, and the Big Buddha is no exception. This site is a must-see for those traveling to Phuket. It is on top of the list of attraction spots in Phuket on Trip Advisor. When reaching the top, tourists can soak in the magnificent 360 degrees view of the city under the beautiful sunlight. The surrounding atmosphere is peaceful and will make you fall in love with the lovely region of Phuket. It is also recommended to combine your visit to Big Buddha with other spots nearby, such as Wat Chalong, with ideal Phuket weather in February.

big buddha Phuket

Big Buddha welcomes hundreds of visitors every day. Source: Tour Phuket

Rum Distillery

The Chalong Bay Rum Distillery, Thailand's one, and only artisanal rum distillery is an underrated gem located on the coast of Phuket. It is the ideal place for those interested in wine and wants to sample authentic rum made from sugarcane juice. This distillery also runs daily afternoon tours that give a detailed explanation of the traditional distillery production process, and visitors are offered a free cocktail. The Chalong Bay Rum Distillery, despite not being the most popular activity in a Phuket travel itinerary, will guarantee a worthwhile visit for its educational aspect and fun-filled tour.

After the 30-minute tour, why not try something out at the bar area or take a bartending masterclass where you will get to learn how to make cocktails?

rum distillery Phuket

Chalong Bay - the spirit of Phuket, the product that surprises a lot of foreigners.

Travel tips for Phuket in February

  • Lunar New Year sometimes falls in February, and this is a time when a lot of Asian people in neighboring countries travel to Phuket, Thailand. While some foreigners are interested in seeing the new year celebration, hotel bookings sell out very fast, and some attraction spots are overrun with tourists. It is crucial to consider what days in February you want to visit Phuket for the most enjoyable experience.
  • Even though most travelers to Phuket pack beachwear and casual clothes for a day out, you must dress appropriately when entering any religious site. You can borrow a sarong to cover your clothes at the entrance just in case.

Overall, Phuket weather in February is ideal for a wide range of activities. That is the reason why this place is usually crowded during that time. If you are considering a relaxing getaway, let’s plan a trip to this gorgeous island to contemplate its beauty in February with BestPrice.

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