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Phuket Weather in March: Temperature & Places to Visit

January 12, 2021 - 712 views

In addition to beautiful scenery and awe-inspiring cultural activities, Phuket weather in March is so pleasant that it will bring you an unforgettable holiday.

Characteristics of Phuket weather in March

Phuket weather in March is dry and warm, making it the perfect time to visit the area outside of peak tourist season. Phuket is one of the most popular holiday destinations for those who love beaches. When traveling to Phuket in March, visitors will have a chance to explore the appealing islands in enjoyable weather conditions.

Phuket weather in January

March is the very end of the dry season and is the first month of the hot season in Phuket, so you can see clear blue skies when coming here. Take advantage of this time before May kicks of monsoon season with an increasing level of rainfall. There is a rainfall of 40mm this month, which is about 7 or 8 days. However, tourists can still enjoy their holiday with ease.

Phuket weather in March makes it one of the warmest months, with the lowest temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature of 34 degrees Celsius during the day. This weather is perfect for walking around the area or water-related activities to avoid the heat.

In March, the average humidity level is 75%, and it will slowly rise on wet days. Visitors can expect an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day. The sea temperature remains steady, with an average of 29 degrees Celsius. The maximum of foggy days in Phuket is eight days, which is not a big deal in Southwestern Thailand.

What to expect in Phuket in March

Overall, Phuket weather in March is perfect for a beach holiday. Most travelers want to spend the day near the beaches as there is a myriad of services to cater to the tourists. However, that does not mean the inland lacks entertainment. Phuket is a well-developed tourist destination, and visitors will certainly not be bored for several days in this region.

Head to the islands

There are many exciting activities such as swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and more near the beautiful beaches. You can also take a tour to nearby islands like Phi Phi Islands, Khai Islands, and James Bond Island.

phi phi islands

Phi Phi Islands is a dream holiday destination for many.

Shop at the night markets

Phuket is home to several fantastic night markets that are perfect for shopping and trying out local food on a casual evening out and about. One of the best choices is the Chillva Market, a relatively new market that opened in 2016. It has increasingly become popular among young Thai people and foreign tourists.

Chillva Market is an open-air market that offers souvenir shops, street food vendors, occasional street performances, and an overall friendly and trendy atmosphere. There is a seating area for enjoying food. Therefore, it is a great hangout spot in the evening if you are staying in nearby areas. According to experienced travelers, the prices are reasonable, so you might be able to find suitable gifts to bring home.

night market

At night, the market is busy but there are plenty of stalls to check out. Source: The Guide Phuket

Travel tips for Phuket in March

  • Phuket is still a popular destination in March, but there are fewer crowds compared to January and March. Tourists who want to save a bit on hotel rates might want to consider this month.

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